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Zionist Shills and Fifth Columnists at Daily Kos going apesh*t
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Darcy Burner | Democrat For Congress
ActBlue — Darcy Burner, WA-08
AIPAC vs J Street & Darcy Burner

Help Out Darcy - Send Your Well-wishes

This it the t-shirt Darcy was wearing when she ran out of her house.


Daily Kos chief going to the slammer?

The Zionists at Daily Kos are going apeshit over this story, demanding that the poster be banned and the post deleted.

Which seems to be their modus operandi anytime anyone sheds some light into the dark corners they inhabit.

Darcy Burner: Threatened by AIPAC, now her house burns down.
by Pinebark

Tue Jul 01, 2008 at 04:12:49 PM PDT

The home of Eighth Congressional District candidate Darcy Burner went up in flames today – cause unknown.

We’ll be watching the subsequent investigation closely. Remember that Burner told Matt Stoller that on June 27, she received a call from people affiliated with AIPAC and they told her to distance herself from J Street, the new pro-peace group that the AIPAC people said are full of radical leftists who support capitulation to Arabs who would destroy Israel.

DISGUSTING (15+ / 0-)
This diary is disgusting. The diarist should delete it now!


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Finding the blog of interest a few years back I paid DailyKos $100.00 for a life time membership. I posted and became a trusted user known as a TU. When I began to post anti Zionist opinion and articles such as "Senator Fienstein War Profiteer?" I was quickly troll rated (i.e. banished for life) and could no longer post on DailyKos. I took me several weeks of constant emailing and threatening to file charges against Kos before I received my $100.00 refund. I actually exchanged emails with Kos or Markos as he is known. I cannot believe that the clowns at DailyKos continually pass themselves off a liberals? Any thought outside the AIPAC/CFR/NWO box is quickly banished. Kos is like the petulant child who upon hearing something they do not agree with put their fingers in their ears and repeat LALALALALA! Easterling LIVE FREE OR DIE

that lasted a day or so... :)

DK is a CIA funded op, a place for liberals to blow off steam so they don't get too frisky. free analysis by bloggers is a big bonus for the intellectually challenged(aka larry johnson)company. spooks get a major gatekeeping site( re; israel and 9/11), and find talent they can get promoted to msm, just like with the neocons.

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