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Daily Kos chief going to the slammer?
"Kos has some (more) explaining to do. Tampering with a birth certificate is a crime."

*Breaking* Kos Tampering with Obama Birth Certificate?

By TexasDarlingravatar

June 30, 2008

In my Inbox this morning, I found several references to an overnight “discovery.” The claim is that if you download fancy image detection software from GIMP and apply it to the image of Obama’s birth certificate, you can see the embossed seal.

Here’s one place the story appears: Atlas Shrugs.

And I received this email via No Quarter:

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: GREGORY [last name removed]

Date: Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 5:11 AM

Subject: Obama birth certificate seal


This is a message for TexasDarlin.

Image enhancement - specifically edge detection, makes the entire seal quite clear in the Obama birth certificate (and makes the two folding creases clearer).

Basically, this works because the embossing has created edges that the edge detection algorithms can enhance. I’m attaching a jpg of a copy of the birth certificate that I ran edge detection on.Here are some instructions to do it yourself. The freeware image software GIMP can be downloaded from GIMP.

The highest resolution jpg of the birth certificate can be downloaded from Daily Kos.

Start GIMP and import the high resolution jpg of the birth certificate.

Then go to the ‘Edge Detect’ item under the ‘Filters’ menu. Choose ‘Edge’ under ‘Edge Detect’. Set Algorithm to ‘Sobel’ and ‘Amount’ to 5.0 , then hit OK.Alternatively, the seal is even clearer after the following. Under ‘Edge Detect’ go to ‘Sobel’. Leave the boxes ‘Sobel horizontally’ and ‘Keep sign of result’ checked, but uncheck the box ‘Sobel vertically’. Then click OK. Then choose ‘Edge’ under ‘Edge Detect’. Set Algorithm to ‘Sobel’ and ‘Amount’ to 5.0 , then hit OK.The seal is faintly visible to the naked eye in the unprocessed birth certificate using high magnification. It causes ripples in the green hatch marks.Keep up the blogging!Best,Greg [last name removed]

The first Red Flag I noticed right off the bat:



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