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A Million Questions With One Answer
By Peter Chamberlin

According to our State Dept. there are approximately a dozen separate anti-Semitic beliefs, the worst of which is the claim that wealthy Jewish-Americans economically control the government, the media, international business or finance. The other most serious intolerable anti-Semitic claim is that the brutal Israeli repression of the Palestinians is comparable to the fascist tactics that were employed by the Nazis against another Semitic people in Europe. If anti-Semitism is the spreading of lies about Semitic peoples, and both of these “canards” are proven to be true, then it is the government that is spreading the lies about its ally Israel.

If there is no truth to the charge that Israel is driving America to war against Iran (just as it drove our power-mad leaders to destroy Iraq), then why is it that the craziest American ideas for committing acts of war against Iran (embargoes, blockades and denying Iran the use of its own airspace) all originate in Israel? If most Americans are overwhelmingly against expanding the current limited wars into a regional conflagration, then what explains the bi-partisanship in Congress for these small-scale military steps which are clearly intended to cause a major escalation with Iran?

The American majority knows that opening a new war front in Iran would be a major defeat for American forces, having three intolerable consequences – forcing a return of the draft, the destruction of the American economy and the use of nuclear weapons against civilian populations. The Israeli majority knows this as well, and they are perfectly willing to force their American ally into paying this price for them. Some ally!