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Generals leading from Cheney to loose nukes fired
Air Force Chief, Secretary Resign (Updated Again)

Top two Air Force officials resigning. Secretary, chief of staff ousted; choice reportedly was 'resign or be fired' : In another embarrassing setback, this one last August, a B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and flown across the country. The pilot and crew were unaware they had nuclear arms aboard.

That error was considered so grave that President Bush was quickly informed.

Air Force Secretary Wynne and Chief of Staff Gen. Moseley are expected to be asked to resign Thursday. (They have been linked to an alternative chain of command leading from Cheney to SAC)
Was the Missing Nuke from the B-52 Incident to be used in a Simulated Terrorist Attack?

Was the Minot, ND AFB nuke security provided by the Jewish firm Magal Group?
Nuclear Armed B-52 Crewmen From Minot ...all 6 are dead ?


Cheney and Air Force Generals Implicated in Nuke Theft


Excerpt of Part II of story at waynemadsenreport.com

Part II of a two-part series

Between August 24 and September 6, 2007, the U.S. Air Force's nuclear chain-of-command was severely compromised by a rival chain established out of Vice President Dick Cheney's office and extending through the offices of the Air Force Secretary and Chief of Staff, the Air Force's Cyber-Warfare element, and into the strategic bombing commands located at Minot and Barksdale Air Force Bases. In the weeks before and after this time period, there is ample evidence to suggest that the security of nuclear weapons, particularly at Minot, was placed in severe jeopardy by the rival chain-of-command.

On August 24, 2007, three B-52s operating from Barksdale flew a training exercise called REX REDUX, officially billed as a commemoration of a 1938 B-17 flight directed at the Italian luxury liner SS Rex. The exercise, personally ordered by Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley, was actually testing an Israeli-developed imaging and targeting pod called LITENING II on a U.S. Navy contracted merchant vessel, the USNS Bobo, in the Atlantic east of Bermuda and several targets of opportunity along the planes' flight paths through the southern United States.

REX REDUX also involved assets of the Air Force's embryonic Cyber Command in Washington and Barksdale.


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Glad You're Back Posting great articles!

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