Tie in with May 4 Houston Refinery FALSE FLAG? - CIA agent Roland Carnaby Killed by Houston Police

Bush-Cheney Israel Disinformation Campaign to Justify an Attack on Iran

Sat, 3 May 2008

From New World OrderLies

CIA agent Roland Carnaby Killed by Houston Police
Possible Tie in with May 4 Houston Refinery FALSE FLAG?
WMR has learned that one individual
who interposed himself with the media
after Carnaby's shooting is a well-known
Jewish-American asset
for the Mossad station in Houston.
TV - News 11 - Minnesota
about Houston TX. police shooting
Houston police may have
mistakenly shot and killed a CIA officer
Police in Texas are trying to verify whether a man
officers shot and killed after a chase in Houston
on Tuesday was a CIA agent.

One day after police shoot and kill 52-year-old Roland Carnaby
following a bizarre high speed chase, more questions
are being raised about the self proclaimed CIA agent's real identity.

Capt. Steve Jett of the Houston Police Department says
"there are credentials in the car that we have seized
and that was the indication that he worked with the CIA."

Police say a top CIA official is now headed to Houston
to verify the documents.

Capt. Steve Jett says "they could have been made up.
They look authentic, but you can do a lot of things with a computer."

As condolences pour into the Carnaby home in Pearland,
his family is proudly showing off pictures and plaques
along with other mementos they say confirms
Carnaby's distinguished service to the country.

The family says one reason for all the confusion,
according to family members, Roland Carnaby
went by other names. In fact, this book signed
by former director of CIA is autographed to "Tony"
one of his alleged alias.

Former CIA officer David Adler says
"Mr. Carnaby never mentioned to me that he was a CIA agent."

Former CIA officer David Adler says he recently met Carnaby
at a dinner for the local chapter for the Association
of Intelligence Officers. Carnaby was the president.

David Adler says "He certainly seemed like a nice guy.
He did not strike me as irrational or unusual."

Adler says he stunned by yesterday's incident.

He believes Carnaby's bizarre actions are an an example
of how someone would the CIA would not behave.

David Adler says "and they certainly don't engage
in the sort of dangerous behavior that happened yesterday."

Police believe Carnaby was reaching for a cell phone
and not one of the three weapons in his car, as first thought.

Officials say Carnaby had a concealed carry permit,
which would not be needed if he were an intelligence agent.

His family released the following statement today:

"He lived and breathed his work, loved his country
and risked his life for it on an ongoing basis.
My family and his associates in the intelligence community believe
he deserves real acknowledgment for his many years of service."
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Credentials Show Chase Suspect In CIA.
Police are trying to verify whether a man officers shot and killed
after a chase was a CIA agent," KPRC Local 2 reported
on Wednesday. Investigators found credentials...
Apr 30, 2008
Chase Suspect's Family Sues City, Police.
The wife of a man shot and killed by police officers after a chase
filed a lawsuit against the city of Houston and two police officers,
KPRC Local 2 reported Friday....
May 02, 2008
left all the talking to its attorney.
"Mr. Roland Carnaby is an individual who has never been convicted
of a crime in his life and who was shot and killed
by the Houston Police Department using improper...
May 02, 2008
Friend: Chase Suspect Was In Intelligence. Family and friends
said Roland Carnaby was the man shot by Houston officers
after a police chase and that he was in intelligence,
KPRC Local 2 reported. Local...
Apr 30, 2008
Family, Friends Identify Chase Suspect:
Elizabeth Scarborough Reports. April 30, 2008:
Family and friends say Roland Carnaby was the man
shot by Houston officers after a police chase and that he was in...
Apr 30, 2008
CIA, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.
His family is first to admit that Roland Carnaby had secrets.
"I think we don't know everything about Roland,"
brother-in-law Robert Kouts said. "There's always...
(Copyright 2008 by NBC. All Rights Reserved.)
The z boyos at it again

UPDATE 1: WMR has learned from a reliable source that Houston
has become a major station for Mossad activities, especially
in warehousing, retail sales, aviation, and shipping.
Carnaby was looking at the security for the Port of Houston
and the area's airports. Local Houston news reports
indicate Carnaby was trying to call the Houston FBI
on his cell phone to have them verify his identity
with the police when the police shot him to death.

Houston-based CIA agent Roland Carnaby was shot and killed
by Houston police less than six blocks away from the home
of former President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

KPRC-TV Houston is now reporting that Roland Carnaby's
credentials discovered by Houston police investigators
show that he was a CIA intelligence officer.
Carnaby apparently used more than one CIA-issued alias,
including "Tom." A top CIA official is reportedly on his way
to Houston to verify Carnaby's CIA credentials. Houston
police are now saying that Carnaby was reaching for his cell phone,
not a weapon, was he was shot by the police.

WMR's earlier report that Carnaby's death involved Mossad assets
in Houston is now gaining additional credence as some well-known
blogs, linked to right-wing Jewish political and intelligence
operations in the United States and Israel, are now beginning the
predictable character assassination of Carnaby as a "fraud"
and a "former" U.S. intelligence agent.
WMR has learned that Carnaby was targeted by Mossad
in a high-stakes game of tit-for-tat since the CIA and FBI
went after long-time Israeli agent Ben-Ami Kadish last week
in New Jersey and vowed to identify, expose, and prosecute other
Israeli moles in high positions inside the Bush administration

May 1, 2008 -
- More details emerging about Roland Vincent Carnaby

CIA agent Roland Vincent Carnaby, who has been disavowed
by the CIA under director Michael Hayden, whose own past
sexual malfeasance in Sarajevo during the Balkans war
has seen him become a virtual blackmailable cipher for the neocons,
was fluent in French and Arabic. Carnaby is also said
to have worked in the CIA's Soviet division during the 1980s,
the same unit that employed outed CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson.

Initial news reports from Houston contained some misinformation.
The Houston Chronicle has provided a few more details.
For example,
Carnaby's current wife Susan was originally described as his fiancee.
However, the Chronicle piece is essentially a hit piece on Carnaby's
credentials, going so far as to interview Carnaby's ex-wife who
amplified doubts about Carnaby's CIA bona fides,
saying he told her "tall stories" that were "hard to believe."

However, members of the Houston chapter of the Association
for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), which Carnaby headed, stood by
Carnaby's CIA bona fides as an intelligence officer. Carnaby's
Pearland, Texas home has photos of the agent at CIA headquarters
in Langley, Virginia and plaques honoring his years of service
with the agency.

Carnaby was carrying a CIA identification
when he was shot April 29 by Houston police officers
after what was described as a high-speed chase.

Carnaby was the son of a wealthy Lebanese family that spelled
their name Karnabe and had homes in New York and Geneva.
Carnaby grew up in New York City. Carnaby's father,
Vincent Said Karnabe, was a Lebanese ambassador
to a number of countries and owned a shipping business.
Carnaby's wife Susan told the Chronicle she was surprised
when she heard about Carnaby's "fiancee" after his death.

WMR has learned that one individual who interposed himself
with the media after Carnaby's shooting is a well-known
Jewish-American asset for the Mossad station in Houston.

The campaign against Carnaby is remiscent of the neocon attacks
against Plame Wilson. The covert CIA non-official cover (NOC)
agent was described as a "desk clerk" and Robert Novak argued,
falsely, that she had been outed by Soviet spy Aldrich Ames
over a decade earlier when she worked in the CIA's
clandestine service Soviet division.
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