August 15th, 2008


FAA Tapes Reveal Drama of Obama Jet Incident

Audio Contradicts FAA Account of "No Emergency"


August 14, 2008

The incident involving Sen. Barack Obama's campaign plane last month was much more serious than the airline or the Federal Aviation Administration said, according to FAA control tower tapes obtained by ABC News.
New audio tapes reveal that candidate's plane was in serious danger.

At the time, an FAA spokesperson said the pilot did not declare an emergency and the airline owner, Midwest Airlines, said safety "was never an issue."

The tapes, broadcast Thursday on ABC News' "World News with Charles Gibson", show otherwise.


Obama: Judged By the Company He Keeps

Friday, August 1st, 2008 

Reprinted from African American Opinion

So where is Obama really coming from? Is a liberal, conservative, or an opportunist who wants to get to the Oval Office by any means necessary, and is he going to ride the symbolism of the Civil Rights Movement to get there.

Sadly, Black people may get a black face in the White House, a few superficial changes may be implemented but it will be business as usual. Barrack has flip flopped and told you that he is going to maintain a residual force in Iraq and will step up the so-call war against the Taliban. He has not uttered a word about Bin Laden or Pakistan, and how about the war lords who run Afganistan and manage the dope trade?


The most telling thing is to take a look at the key people around him.



NYPD wants London-style 'ring of steel' around city


The New York Police Department (NYPD) is looking to London for help to secure the city against a potential terror attack, police chiefs said.

Commissioner Ray Kelly said New York could learn from London's so-called "ring of steel", a security and surveillance cordon which surrounds the city with concrete barriers, checkpoints and thousands of video cameras.

The NYPD wants to track every vehicle that enters Manhattan to strengthen New York's protection against a potential terror attack and officers have travelled to London to see the security measures in place there.

"We've asked them to look at the so-called ring of steel and we can learn from that," Mr Kelly said.

Set-up complete: Georgia the new Vietnam

By Larry Chin

Online Journal Associate Editor

Aug 14, 2008, 00:21

Emerging evidence is already exposing the Bush/Cheney administration’s bloody fingerprints all over the conflict in Georgia:

US complicit in Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia

NATO encouraged Georgia

Hypocrisy over war in Georgia

Georgia war a neocon election ploy

Using Georgia to target Russia

Russia responded by finishing the South Ossetia fighting quickly, clearly establishing its dominance for the moment. But what will be Washington’s response now?



Countdown to Israel’s Disappearance

The Era of Endless Historic Victories

By Batoul Wehbe - Al Manar TV

‘‘As I used to say in the first days of the July war, I used to always promise you with victory by relying on God and by knowing you, these people, these resistance men, and this enemy.. Defeat era has gone, and it's the time of victories,’’ Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said in the victory rally September 22, 2006.

We would not be exaggerating if we say that the July 2006 victory "Sincere Promise" was a historic victory in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The first victory was in 2000 when the Islamic resistance forced the Israeli occupation out of major part of the Lebanese territories in the South.

"July war overcame regional dimensions, it acquired strategic dimensions and changed many equations not only concerning Hezbollah in the south or the Arab-Israeli conflict, it rather went beyond the Israeli role since 1948," Chief of International Center for Information and Studies Rafiq Nasrallah told Al-Manar Website.


Soros’ double-dealing in the Caucasus oil market

By Wayne Madsen

Online Journal Contributing Writer

Aug 13, 2008, 00:18

(WMR) -- WMR has learned details of so-called “progressive” cause donor George Soros in the underlying turmoil between Russia and Georgia in the Caucasus.

In 1994, Soros set up shop in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, to engineer what would become known as the “Rose Revolution,” carried out ten years later. Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) jointly pumped tons of money into programs designed to propel Georgia’s neocon president, Mikheil Saakashvili, to power in a November 2003 coup that toppled Georgia’s President Eduard Shevardnadze, the last Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union, from power. The OSI money was mostly spent on training neocon political operatives loyal to Saakashvili and his party and influencing the Georgian media. Media manipulation is a favorite tactic of Soros, one that he has used effectively to curb the power of the American progressive liberal movement.

After the Rose Revolution, Soros and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) director Mark Malloch Brown launched the Georgia Development and Reform Fund that was designed to curb corruption in Georgia. However, the fund was actually used to pay increased salaries for employees of the Georgian President’s office and the National Police. The $40 million pumped into the fund was matched dollar-for-dollar between OSI and the UNDP. The salaries for Georgia government apparatchiks and police bought loyalty for Saakashvili and Soros in the country.



More demented McCain: Guantanamo is 'one of the nicest places in the world to live in'

McCain: Georgia conflict the 'first serious crisis internationally since the end of the Cold War'
McCain: 'In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations'
Added: August 14, 2008

John McCain


Aspen, CO 08/14/08


WALTER ISAACSON: Are you historically in favor of closing Guantanamo?

JOHN MCCAIN: Yes I am. [...] So I'm for closing Guantanamo Bay because it's become a symbol. It, it may be one of the nicest places in the world to live in, but it has become a symbol and we need to close Guantanamo.

ISAACSON: Then why were you so furious at the Supreme Court decision saying that they had the rights to appeal to courts?

MCCAIN: Because I think they have certain rights. And I think we've just seen in this most recent case that the process can move forward. And it's years too late, and the process should have moved forward. And I wasn't happy, frankly, with the decision. [...] From what the evidence that I had, he probably should've spent more time in prison. But we had a system set up [...] There's a tradition for that--the Nuremberg trials and other war crimes trials--where they're given a trial and a judicial proceeding but it is not all of the rights that are guaranteed American citizens. Because under the Geneva Conventions, they are defined as illegal combatants.


MCCAIN: I think what the Supreme Court said was that they deserve certain rights, and, actually, also wanted to go back to Congress for more clarification in their decision.

ISAACSON: But you called that the worst decision in history?

JOHN MCCAIN: No I didn't. No, no-- Sometimes I'm given to a little hyperbole as you--

[audience laughs]

ISAACSON: Ok, Ok, I'll let you off the hook then.

MCCAIN: --As you, as you've already noticed. I thought it was a bad decision. But I also think we can fix it, and I think we may have been able to prove to the courts, if we can move forward with these judicial proceedings--which some in the media described as a "blow to the Bush administration" because it was a light sentence. I thought it was justice. And so I hope we can move forward with more trials and that way convince the Court. [...] I do believe that the Court voiced frustration in their decision that we hadn't moved forward with these cases, that here these people had been sitting in a prison for five, six, whatever number of years that it's been. And I hope we can show the courts that by moving forward with this process that we can--and maybe with additional legislation, in a bipartisan nature for a change--we can fix this problem.

LABEL: JM CO 08-14 (JR#68) ACKGX - ClipA - LS

To download a higher-resolution version of this clip, VISIT:

Georgian President: War Criminal

August 15, 2008

Mikheil Saakashvili:

War Criminal

A politician's hubris causes untold human suffering

by Justin Raimondo

Amid all the geopolitical analyses and ideological posturing on the occasion of the Three-Day War between Russia and Georgia, we are losing sight of the very real human costs of this conflict: thousands of civilians killed and grievously wounded, a city, Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, in ruins, and the hopes and dreams of the inhabitants of this largely overlooked backwater dashed on the rocks of a politician's hubris.

That politician is Mikheil Saakashvili, the all too glib president of Georgia, whose slickness is so apparent that it seems to leave an oily residue on every word he utters. The decidedly apolitical, non-ideological Web site Reliefweb put it this way:

"The place that has suffered most is South Ossetia which is home to both ethnic Ossetians and Georgians, the latter accounting for about a third of the population. The destruction there has been appalling and it looks as though many hundreds of civilians have died, in the first place as a result of the initial Georgian assault of August 7-8. Gosha Tselekhayev, an Ossetian interpreter in Tskhinvali with whom I spoke by telephone on August 10 said, 'I am standing in the city center, but there's no city left.'


Russia-Asia cooperation a nightmare for US hawks: The Geopolitics of Georgia (3 of 3)

How anti-Iran policy contributed to war in the Caucasus

August 15, 2008

F. William Engdahl

Russia and Georgia swapped accusations today presenting a huge challenge to the EU-sponsored ceasefire agreement designed to end seven days of fighting. The accord had envisioned Russian and Georgian forces returning to their original positions. These conditions have yet to be met. The United Nations estimates 100-thousand people have been uprooted by the fighting, including 12-thousand South Ossetians who fled north into Russia. F. William Engdahl believes that "Russia China and the nations of Eurasia are beginning to cooperate politically and economically and this is a nightmare for Washington."

F William Engdahl is an economist and author and the writer of the best selling book "A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order." Mr Engdhahl has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, beginning with the first oil shock in the early 1970s. Mr. Engdahl contributes regularly to a number of publications including Asia Times Online, Asia, Inc, Japan's Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Foresight magazine; Freitag and ZeitFragen newspapers in Germany and Switzerland respectively. He is based in Germany.

Nuclear war by miscalculation F. William Engdahl: The geopolitics of Georgia pt2

The geopolitics of Georgia F William Engdahl: There are far bigger stakes being played out in Georgia than a territorial dispute  August 13, 2008



The capital city of Connecticut has a curfew? WTF!?

Hartford police find 16 curfew violators

August 15, 2008

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Hartford police officers took 16 youths off the streets Thursday night, the first night of an emergency curfew imposed throughout the capital city in response to escalating violence, Police Chief Daryl Roberts said.

The curfew bans anyone under 18 from loitering on the streets after 9 p.m., unless they are with a parent or guardian.

Roberts told WTIC-AM Friday that curfew violators were brought to their homes, and there were no incidents during the enforcement.


UN: Israel violating resolution 1701

UNIFIL: Israel violating resolution 1701

Fri, 15 Aug 2008 13:06:57 GMT

Maj-Gen. Claudio Graziano
The head of UN forces in Lebanon accuses Israelis of unilaterally violating a UN resolution that ended the 33-day war against the Lebanese.

Head of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Major-General Claudio Graziano criticized continued overflight of Israeli aircraft in Lebanon's airspace, and the refusal to provide a map of the zones riddled with Israeli mines and cluster bombs, a Press TV correspondent reported from Beirut.

Graziano said Israel is turning a blind eye to the UN Security Council Resolution 1701 -which demands Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in parallel with the deployment of UNIFIL and Lebanese soldiers throughout the South- and refuses to pull out its troops from the Lebanese part of southern al-Ghajar village.


Violence in NW Pakistan triggers mass exodus

Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:00pm IST

By Sahibzada Bahauddin

KHAR, Pakistan, Aug 15 (Reuters) - About 100,000 Pakistani villagers have fled clashes between security forces and militants in a northwestern region raising the danger of a big humanitarian problem, a government official said on Friday.

Security forces and militants have been fighting in the Bajaur region on the Afghan border, a known sanctuary for al Qaeda and Taliban fighters, since the militants attacked a security post last week.

About 170 people have been killed, including some civilians, officials have said. The fighting has included strikes on militants by fighter jets and helicopter gunships.


McCain Adviser Arrested Once For Gun Violation On Capitol Hill

August 15, 2008 10:17 AM

John McCain's chief foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, is known for his aggressive posture on foreign policy, having served as an architect of the Iraq war and, more recently, a fierce supporter of and lobbyist for the former Soviet nation of Georgia.

But apparently he takes the notion of cowboy diplomacy to a new level. A Democratic source tipped off the Huffington Post that back in 1997, when he was serving as a top adviser to Sen. Trent Lott, Scheunemann was arrested by Capitol Hill police for a gun violation.

According to a Washington Times article from February 1997, Scheunemann was spotted by a police unit with a shotgun case through the window of his car. They stopped him to ask if the case contained an actual gun. It did. Moreover, Scheunemann had several rounds of ammunition as well.


McCain And Abramoff Linked In New Web Ad

Why Didn’t McCain Call Ralph Reed To Testify During Abramoff Investigation?


Added: August 14, 2008

VOICEOVER: "On the campaign trail, John McCain claims that he fought to expose Jack Abramoff and his corrupt cronies..."

MCCAIN: "And I led the investigation."

VOICEOVER: "It was a scandal that rocked the country, linking all the way to the Bush White House and Republicans in Congress, sending two former Republican Congressmen to prison.

"But, now, desperate to raise campaign cash to run more negative attack ads, John McCain is cozying up to Jack Abramoff's cronies.

"Ralph Reed, a key business partner of Jack Abramoff helped the convicted former Republican lobbyist launder 2 million dollars through a front group to finance a gambling campaign.

"Now, Ralph Reed has signed up to raise money for John McCain. Reed has even been appointed to McCain's Victory 2008 Team.

"Ralph Reed's murky connections to Jack Abramoff run so deep, it cost him a race for Lt. Governor in Georgia.

"While most people now see Ralph Reed as a tainted man raising tainted money, John McCain sees him as a source of campaign cash.

"John McCain -- more of the same old politics.

Leaving the US for Palestine


Mazin Qumsiyeh -A Palestinian Life

Wheels of Justice

Mazin Qumsiyeh, a Palestinian American who helps
coordinate the group Wheels of Justice, speaking at
Andover High School.

After such knowledge; what forgiveness?
Think now
History has many cunning passages,
Contrived corridors
And issue, deceives with wispering ambitions
Guides us by vanities.
Think now
She gives when our attention is distracted
And what she gives, she gives with such supple confusion
We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time
T. S. Elliot

I graduated from Jordan University with a Bachelor degree at age 21 and then taught in Palestinian Schools (Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho). In those year and a half as a middle and high school teacher (Jan 78-June 79) I worked very hard at two jobs (extra teaching at private school in Jerusalem) so as to save money for higher education. I saved enough for the airline tickets and an extra $1500 for the first few months in America. I came to the US in August 1979 to pursue higher education and ended up making it a home while maintaining a home in Palestine.

Since then I got my doctorate, medical boards in genetics, and served on faculties at the University of Tennessee, Duke, and Yale Universities. I published over 130 scientific papers and three books. Here I also met first my wife, built a family, made thousands of friends, and chose to become a citizen. Thus, my journey in the US was wonderful and highly successful. Much of my activism was driven here by the desire to improve this country (e.g. stop it from committing war crimes and crimes against humanity). I strongly believe that unless all of us work together to change US foreign policy (a policy shaped by Zionist lobbies), we are all doomed. We see that millions of US citizens are also concerned about the way this foreign policy is damaging our economy and reputation around the world. I think it must (and it will) change. There are many good signs (e.g. the books of Carter and Mearsheimer and Walt became best sellers). Yet, today with the new laws that shred constitutional protections, government intrusion on every sphere of life, the US has been more Israelized. These things, restrictions on students coming from the Arab world, and the war economy in America (that devastated higher education here) makes a repeat of my story much more difficult if not impossible. My own journey has not been easy. Racist Zionists tried to block us at every corner and racism in a society shaped by Hollywood films that villify Arabs is rampant. Some take their positions at institutions of higher education and at funding agencies (e.g. March of Dimes, National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health) as a license to advance their racist ideologies. This situation continues although I did notice that in the past 12-15 years things have become more opened up. This is a function of a) numbers: Zionist ranks are dwindling and populations of all other people in the US are growing, b) the internet opening up the dialogues and increasing exposure to the truth, and c) more Arab and Muslim Americans taking on their civic responsibilities and asserting their rights and their responsibilities in this society. But perhaps it is always a struggle anyway.

But the difficulties I faced (including a major health issue) are nothing compared to what other Palestinians face under occupation or in exile (e.g. in refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria). I consider my challenges/difficulties in life as blessings. I would not want them changed if I had the power to change them. Difficulties in life make us who we are and help us improve. In this I am thankful even to those self-declared enemies and protagonists who sometimes succeeded in what they aimed to do and sometimes failed but always provided me with good lessons. So perhaps a tinge of me wants more difficulties. I look back with nostalgia at my upbringing under Israeli occupation. I look with nostalgia at the time I was teaching in the West Bank. I talk to my elderly diabetic mother every week and she tells me stories of what is going on on the ground. Her stories include things like people dying because of being prevented from going to health clinics, students denied the right to go to school, lands confiscated, children shot in the back of the head, extra-judicial executions, further acts of ethnic cleansing, and more. I also go to Palestine every year and I see the apartheid system getting worse. Walls surrounding towns and villages, US weapons that killed or maimed friends and colleagues, economic strangulation, and much more. But both mother and I see so much good work being done by good people of all faiths and backgrounds.


A scandal that affects the livelihoods of millions

U.S. banking giant moves billions in debt to British division to earn 60-year tax break
ECB slammed as Europe crumbles

The Bear Stearns Conspiracy


By Nicholas von Hoffman

August 14, 2008

This is one scandal the National Enquirer has not reported. No babies with mystery fathers, no former vice presidential candidates cowering in a hotel basement to escape the paparazzi.

This scandal, relegated to the business pages if covered at all, is un-juicy compared to l'affaire Edwards, with a wife betrayed, children humiliated, hypocrisy exposed--it is a small wonder, after the ethical hemming and hawing, that the big-time publishers and broadcasters jumped in to take part in the fun.

Yet, entertainment value aside, the Edwards scandal directly affected almost nobody but the Edwards family and a few disillusioned followers. The Bear Stearns conspiracy scandal affected and continues to affect tens of thousands of people in all sorts of ways.


Shocking devastation: A Jew's visit to Gaza left him ashamed by what he saw

Gaza's shocking devastation - Opinions - Gaza's shocking devastation A Canadian Jew's visit to the territory left him ashamed by what he saw

Harry Shannon

The Hamilton Spectator
Harry Shannon, Special to the Hamilton Spectator

(Aug 14, 2008) I had expected conditions in Gaza to be bad, but I was still shocked at the devastation when I went there in July.

Last month my companion and I entered Gaza at the Erez crossing through a modern building reminiscent of an airport terminal. After questioning by the Israeli border police, we left the building and had a kilometre walk to pick up transportation.

It was as if we had travelled to another planet. The sandy track is surrounded by the blown-up remnants of Gaza's former industrial district. Rubble stretching for hundreds of metres lines the route.



Obama Bests McCain Among Bush-Backing Bankers, Drug Companies

By Jonathan D. Salant
Enlarge Image/Details

Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- John McCain's presidential campaign lacks the support of several Republican-leaning industries central to President George W. Bush's record-setting fundraising four years ago.

Democrat Barack Obama has captured $9.6 million in donations from employees working for securities, mortgage and drug companies, compared with McCain's $6.6 million. In 2004, people in those industries gave $10.6 million to Bush and $5.4 million to Democratic nominee John Kerry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a research group in Washington.

McCain's inability to match Bush's performance in attracting traditional Republican donors illustrates the fundraising gap between the candidates. Obama is seeking to bring in double or triple the $84.1 million in federal funds that McCain will have to spend in the final two months before the Nov. 4 election. In June, Obama declined to accept public financing, which caps his spending at the federal allotment.



Operation Sentinel: The High-Tech Police State Takes Shape

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Operation Sentinel, a new program unveiled by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), would encircle Manhattan with thousands of surveillance cameras that photograph every car or truck entering and exiting the city across its network of bridges and tunnels.

Information captured by this intrusive project would be stored in a huge database for an undisclosed period of time. Additionally, a network of sensors installed at toll plazas would allegedly be able to capable detect radiological materials that could be used in potential terror plots, the New York Times reports.

However, the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has denounced the proposal as "an attack on New Yorkers' right to privacy." NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman lambasted this outrageous proposal saying,


US is about to or already has ‘weaponized’ Avian Flu

The Pentagon’s alarming project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine

By F. William Engdahl

Global Research, August 14, 2008

There is alarming evidence accumulated by serious scientific sources that the US Government is about to or already has ‘weaponized’ Avian Flu. If the reports are accurate, this could unleash a new pandemic on the planet that could be more devastating than the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic which killed an estimated 30 million people worldwide before it eventually died out. Pentagon and NIH experiments with remains in frozen state of the 1918 virus are the height of scientific folly. Is the United States about to unleash a new racially selective pandemic through the process of mandatory vaccination with an alleged vaccine "against" Avian Flu?

There is reason to believe that sections of the international pharmaceutical industry cartel are acting in concert with the US Government to develop a genetically modified H5N1 virus substance that could unleash a man-made pandemic, perhaps more deadly than the 1918 ‘Spanish Influenza’ pandemic claiming up to 30 million lives.1

Rima E. Laibow, MD, head of the Natural Solutions Foundation, a citizen watchdog group monitoring the pharmaceutical industry states, "Our best intelligence estimate is that pandemic Avian Flu has already been created through genetic engineering in the United States, fusing the deadly genome of the 1918 Pandemic, misnamed the ‘Spanish Flu’, with the DNA of the innocuous H5N1 virus in a growth medium of human kidney cells, according to the National Institutes of Health and the vaccine’s manufacturer. Some virologists believe that this would insure that the man-made mutant virus recognizes human cells and knows how to invade them." 2

If true, as Laibow points out, "A basic virological fact that the public has not been told is that it is impossible to make a vaccine against a virus that does not yet exist. Public relations efforts to the contrary, IF a vaccine is being made against the Avian Flu virus in its pandemic form, that means that the pandemic virus must already exist, period, end of discussion."3


NYT: The Why-Haven’t-You-Impeached-the-President Tour

The New York Times

August 15, 2008

On the Hill


WASHINGTON -- Setting out to promote her new motivational book, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi probably did not realize she was simultaneously embarking on her why-haven’t-you-impeached-the-president tour.

But as she made the coast-to-coast rounds of lectures, television interviews and radio chats the past two weeks, Ms. Pelosi found herself under siege by people unhappy that she has not been motivated to try to throw President Bush out of office – even if only a few months remain before he leaves voluntarily.

In Manhattan and Los Angeles, at stops in between, on network television and on her home turf of Northern California, Ms. Pelosi has been forced to defend her pronouncement before the 2006 mid-term elections that impeachment over the administration’s push for war in Iraq was off the table.


U.S. mint suspends gold coin sales; Market rigged to support dollar?

Wachovia settles auction-rate securities probe
Wells Fargo Stirs Doubts
Eurozone edges closer to recession
Sterling's slide set to deepen, UK banks warn


The U.S. Mint has suspended sales of American eagle gold coins and is refusing orders from dealers, two coin and bullion dealers confirmed Thursday.

The mint's suspension of gold coin sales follows its tight rationing of sales of silver eagle coins, begun in May, when sales to the public were terminated and sales to the mint's 13 authorized dealers were tightly limited.

The suspension is overwhelming evidence that the futures contract price of gold on the commodities exchanges is substantially below the physical market price and that, indeed, the commodities exchanges are being used as GATA long has maintained -- as part of a massive scheme of manipulation of the precious metals, currency, and bond markets.


Israeli police admit 'turning blind eye' to settler violence

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m

Last update - 13:51 15/08/2008

Behind closed doors, police admit 'turning a blind eye' to settler violence

By Uri Blau

Police, soldiers and military officers prefer to "turn a blind eye" instead of handling incidents in which settlers attack Palestinians in the West Bank.

In a meeting held by West Bank precinct operations officer Ronen Yefet last week, participants - including a Shin Bet security service representative and a senior police and army officers - reported a recent increase in the number of violent incidents involving settlers.

The Shin Bet representative stated in the discussion that settler violence has been "intentional and planned," adding that any Israel Defense Forces operations against settlers (eviction or demolitions) now comes with a violent "price tag."


DNC 'concentration camp'

Added: August 13, 2008

Denver officials weren't planning to reveal details about where activists would be detained in the event of mass arrests during the Democratic National Convention until after the event had started, but those plans were quickly dashed this week when CBS 4News reporter Rick Sallinger not only revealed that protesters would be locked up in a city-owned warehouse, but he also obtained clear video footage inside the facility, a building that includes barbed wire-topped cages and signs warning of stun-gun use.


Homeland Security has deported over 90,000 children without a parent or caregiver

Dept. of Homeland Security has deported over 90,000 children under the age of 17 to Mexico without a parent or caregiver

It goes without saying that the saddest element in the current enforcement of immigration laws is the apprehension, deportation or abandonment of children.

Stories surface every day of parents who were apprehended and fearing the same for their children, say nothing about their children at home. They hope a relative or neighbor will eventually realize their children are alone and will take care of them until they can be reunited.

A Mexican state policeman asks the names of two children who were deported from the United States to Nogales, Sonora.
(Source: La Jornada)

According to a new report released this week in Mexico City by the Population, Border and Migrant Affairs Commission, for every three adults deported from the United States there is one child abandoned and left behind.



Three wrongs make a big mess

By Ali Moossavi - The Arab American News

Friday, 08.15.2008

Trivia time: This Middle Eastern country has long denied a genocide happened in the past. It has worked, in public and behind the scenes, to convince others this genocide didn't happen and undo any efforts to recognize the event as such.

Now, what country am I talking about? If your answer is Iran, that's understandable, given the media fallout last year over President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's declaration that the Nazi Holocaust didn't happen and sponsored a revisionist conference, attracting the likes of David Duke.

However, that answer is wrong and you lose 1.5 million points. The correct answer is Israel.



Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild: I'll never vote for Obama

Defiant Clinton Women Refuse To Support Obama

High-Class Hillraisers Still Irate About Barack: ‘She Will Be Nominee’

by Jason Horowitz | August 12, 2008

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild doesn’t look like a radical.

Surrounded by bike paths, ponds and the Atlantic Ocean in her Martha’s Vineyard farmhouse, not far from where Bill and Hillary Clinton usually summer, the lifelong Democrat and Clinton fund-raiser opened a laptop to her “Together4Us” Web site, an online petition that features Hillary Clinton looking luminous above a series of demands made of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

Ms. de Rothschild, 54, dressed in matching blue pants and sweater, blond hair tucked behind her ears, said she plans to send copies of the more than 6,000 signatures she has collected to superdelegates, Mr. Obama, his top officials, Howard Dean and officials at the Democratic National Committee, on Aug. 18—the Monday before the Democratic convention.

And she’ll be there, at the convention, to help press those demands, she said, especially including a dramatic overhaul of the nominating process by which Mr. Obama won the primary. She said she was well aware of Mrs. Clinton’s efforts to get Mr. Obama elected, as well as the efforts of the Obama campaign staffers, whom she said she liked, to appease Mrs. Clinton’s supporters. Despite it all, Ms. de Rothschild does not plan to vote for him.


Blowback from Bear Baiting

August 15, 2008

By Patrick Buchanan

Mikheil Saakashvili's decision to use the opening of the Olympic Games to cover Georgia's invasion of its breakaway province of South Ossetia must rank in stupidity with Gamal Abdel-Nasser's decision to close the Straits of Tiran to Israeli ships.

Nasser's blunder cost him the Sinai in the Six-Day War. Saakashvili's blunder probably means permanent loss of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

After shelling and attacking what he claims is his own country, killing scores of his own Ossetian citizens and sending tens of thousands fleeing into Russia, Saakashvili's army was whipped back into Georgia in 48 hours.


How anti-Iran policy contributed to war in the Caucasus

Friday, August 15, 2008

Political Pipeline

By Muhammad Sahimi

August 15, 2008

Much has been written about the war between Russia and Georgia. Neoconservatives, as Justin Raimondo pointed out, have suddenly discovered the "democratic" republic of Georgia, which has been a historical "victim" of the Russian "empire." Never mind that not only was Georgia not a democracy before it was devoured by the Soviet Union in 1921, but also that the war, started by Georgia's forces, was a strategic blunder by Georgia's president, the confrontational, demagogic, American-trained lawyer Mikheil Saakashvili, who dared foolishly to take on his giant neighbor, thinking naively that NATO would rush to help him.

William Kristol, the "little Lenin" of the neoconservatives, who now has another outlet in the op-ed page of the New York Times, opines that the U.S. must not only give aid to Georgia, but must also help it become a member of the "League of Democracies" that John McCain has proposed. Never mind that in the Georgian "democracy" Saakashvili used police brutality to stop huge demonstrations after hotly disputed elections and shut down opposition publications, and never mind that when democratic elections in Palestine and Lebanon yielded results deemed undesirable by the U.S. (and people like Kristol), they were not only dismissed, but the voters were also punished by U.S. sanctions.

And, as Robert Parry noted, the same neoconservatives who backed the illegal invasion of Iraq, and are now threatening to attack Iran over its nonexistent nuclear threat, are suddenly discovering respect for the rule of law and international agreements. Even Bill Clinton's ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, who supported the Iraq invasion, got into the act, writing in the Washington Post that "Whatever mistakes Tbilisi has made, they cannot justify Russia's actions."


Georgia's Big Democracy Lie

14 August 2008

By Vasily Likhachev

The missile attacks on South Ossetian towns that Tbilisi started on Aug. 7 have had catastrophic consequences. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili showed the entire world his ruthless aggression and violence against the Ossetians. The Georgian government committed acts of genocide against civilians in South Ossetia, and it violated fundamental principles of human rights and international law.

This conflict is truly a tragedy -- not only for Ossetians but also for Georgia itself, which is desperately trying to find its place in the world. It has become clear from this war that Georgia is prepared to undertake any -- even illegitimate and illegal -- actions, as long as it has the moral and political support of those Western powers that see Georgia as one of their key outposts in the 21st-century Great Game for energy resources and geopolitical influence.

In addition, it is a tragedy for global cooperation on important issues, such as nuclear nonproliferation, the struggle against global terrorism, the environment, energy, industrial security and the fight against AIDS and infectious diseases. To effectively address these pressing issues, there must be an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. Tbilisi's unprovoked aggression last week is not conducive to this.


UN report says UK terror and libel laws are interfering with human rights

Labour warned over limits to free expression

* Duncan Campbell

* The Guardian,
* Friday August 15 2008

The government has been accused of creating laws that have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in the UK in a sharply critical report from the United Nations' committee on human rights. The report calls for the reform of Britain's libel laws and controls introduced under recent terrorism laws.

The government's use of the Official Secrets Act to prevent issues of public interest being published is also condemned in an intervention from the UN which warns that public servants are being gagged even where national security is not at risk.

The criticisms are made as part of the committee's analysis of a report which the UK is required to submit to the UN every three years, appraising human rights in its jurisdiction.


Video: Georgia's President says Russia getting in the way of US and Georgia's "New World Order"

Pres. Saakashvili Speaks to Glenn Beck Pt. 3

Added: August 13, 2008

Mikheil Saakashvili was on Glenn Beck's program tonight, and oh how I admire this man. Saakkashvili said something so important and significant, and I think it's something complacent Americans have no conscious knowledge of. He said America must understand because "freedom is at stake." No truer words have been spoken, but thanks to the anti-American commie leftists in this country, our own country could experience the same fate as Georgia if we don't stay on top of the importance of our own geopolitical interests.


The war in the Caucasus: looking underneath the propaganda blanket

By Alexey D Muraviev

Posted Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:06am AEST
Updated Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:39am AEST

A Russian military column drives through the township of Alagir

While large-scale military operations may be coming to an end, the political war over Georgia is likely to escalate. (Reuters: Vasily Fedosenko, file photo)

On 12 August, President Dmitry Medvedev declared the end to Russian military operations in Georgia on the basis that they have accomplished set tasks: Georgian forces were pushed back from Southern Ossetia and their fighting capability was seriously curtailed. However, the end of the Russian counter-offensive will not halt the information war that carries on.

In his highly emotional article on the ongoing conflict in Southern Ossetia, Mr Grigol Ubiria was quick to identify Russia as the root cause of the problems in the south-eastern Caucasus and the world in general. The conflict over Southern Ossetia is a complex multi-layered phenomenon that requires a balanced analytical approach. To be able to get a comprehensive picture, apart from the viewpoints of the United States and Georgia, Russia's motives and strategic intentions have to be examined also.

Russia's claims about its traditional role in the area are based on the history of its engagement in regional affairs. The nation's influence over the Caucasus was established in the 18th century as a result of the nation's prolonged struggle with the Ottoman Empire. After yet another war with the Ottomans (1768-74), Russia secured the Crimean Peninsula, the Sea of Azov and further south along the Black Sea coast. In 1783, the Russian Empress Catherine II (the Great) and the ruler of two Georgian provinces (Kartly and Kakhetiya) Irakliy II signed the so-called Georgian Treaty, according to which Russia offered Eastern Georgia a status of a protectorate and guaranteed the safety of the local Orthodox Christian population against the neighbouring Ottoman Empire. After the Russo-Turkish War of 1787-91, the Russian protectorate was extended to the rest of Georgia.


Why Didn’t McCain Call Ralph Reed To Testify During Abramoff Investigation?

McCain And Abramoff Linked In New Web Ad

reed.gif On the campaign trail, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) often touts his work fighting corruption, highlighting the Senate Indian Affairs Committee investigation he led into the Jack Abramoff scandal. In May, he bragged:

I led the Abramoff investigation. I saved the American people — excuse me, not only American people, but native Americans, millions — hundreds of millions — millions and millions of dollars.

In particular, the committee put out a 357-page report on its findings. Mentioned on at least 38 pages is former Christian Coalition director Ralph Reed, who assisted Abramoff in overbilling Indian tribal clients out of millions of dollars.



Nato is pushing Russia into a new Cold War

Last updated at 9:12 PM on 14th August 2008

As so often, the Americans are proving a menace on the international stage.

And the term humbug is wholly inadequate to describe the reproaches that President Bush heaps on the Russians.

As are reckless and irresponsible to describe the use of the U.S. military to carry humanitarian aid to Georgia. That is the way conflicts can escalate.

Nato has been expanding eastwards and wooing former Soviet satellites, including the Ukraine, which could cause future conflicts with Russia



FBI to get freer rein to look for terrorism suspects (spy on activists)

Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FBI to get freer rein to look for terrorism suspects

By Marisa Taylor | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Michael Mukasey confirmed plans Wednesday to loosen post-Watergate restrictions on the FBI's national security and criminal investigations, saying the changes were necessary to improve the bureau's ability to detect terrorists.

Mukasey said he expected criticism of the new rules because "they expressly authorize the FBI to engage in intelligence collection inside the United States." However, he said the criticism would be misplaced because the bureau has long had authority to do so.

Mukasey said the new rules "remove unnecessary barriers" to cooperation between law enforcement agencies and "eliminate the artificial distinctions" in the way agents conduct surveillance in criminal and national security investigations.


Russia the bad guys? Who are the West trying to kid?

The Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has signed the French-brokered ceasefire agreement with Russia

Mary Dejevsky

Friday, 15 August 2008

As Russian forces started to hand over control of the Georgian town of Gori yesterday, you could detect a note of surprise, even disappointment, in many media reports. So the all-out Russian invasion of plucky little democratic Georgia might not be going to happen after all. Could it be that the bear was drawing in his claws?

Well, Russia did not have long to worry about losing its reputation as backyard bully. Within hours, the United States envoy to Georgia was spinning a whole new myth to the BBC about how it was only decisive US intervention – by which he presumably meant the warplanes laden with humanitarian aid by then ostentatiously parked at Tbilisi airport – that the mighty erstwhile Red Army had been turned back.

The many Georgians who had counted on more timely and robust assistance from their US protector surely laughed a bitter laugh. But there were signs, with the arrival of the US Secretary of State in Georgia, that this version was gaining hold. The story of this war, it seems, will be that the US faced down a snarling, expansionist Russia, and forced it to limp back to its lair.


Conyers Calls Committee Back from Summer Recess to Investigate Suskind Allegations

Friday, August 15, 2008

From Impeachment Left to Right

House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers has taken the highly unusual step of calling his committee back from summer recess in order to investigate allegations by Ron Suskind that the Bush administration forged a letter to buttress the links made between Saddam and 9/11, and Saddam and WMD. The congressional Authorization for the Use of Force Against Iraq, the ""War Resolution" which, as far short as it fell of a congressional declaration of war, gave the invasion its constitutional legal cover, and gave Bush the authorization to invade only after he had certified to congress the existence of these two critical links. If Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, and if he did not possess WMD, the war was off.

The Authorization for the Use of Force stipulated:

Sec. 3 (b) Presidential Determination.--

In connection with the exercise of
the authority granted in subsection (a) to use force the President
shall, prior to such exercise or as soon thereafter as may be feasible,
but no later than 48 hours after exercising such authority, make
available to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the
President pro tempore of the Senate his determination that--

(2) acting pursuant to this joint resolution is consistent
with the United States and other countries continuing to take
the necessary actions against international terrorist and
terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations,
or persons who planned, authorized, committed or aided the
terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.


Bush pastor rips McCain, backs Obama


Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, the pastor that presided over Jenna Bush’s wedding ceremony and is considered a close personal friend of President Bush, absolutely ripped into John McCain today on a conference call with reporters. Rev. Caldwell took issue with Senator McCain’s remarks that he made at the Sturgis bike rally last week when he volunteered his wife for the rally’s “beauty” pageant, the Ms. Buffalo Chip pageant. For those who were not familiar with that story, the Ms. Buffalo Chip pageant is a topless modeling contest, that among other things, involves a section with a banana.

Caldwell comments highlight exactly why true family values conservatives should have a problem with John McCain.

“Well, I don’t know a lot about John McCain’s family history, I do know, however, that as recently as last week I think it was, the Senator made a comment in South Dakota regarding his wife entering some Buffalo Chips contest which is this topless deal and if she were to enter she would probably win it and my personal opinion and based on my understanding of the Christian faith, that’s not not, N-O-T, not the type of expression that a presidential candidate, or anyone for that matter who is a follower of the Christian faith, ought to make,” said the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell. “I don’t know if that is a perfect case in point, but it surely does help to juxtapose the DNA of Senator Obama, if you would, versus the DNA of Senator McCain.”

The article also points out that Caldwell is backing Obama for president, and is a member of the Matthew 25 network. For anyone who is not familiar with the Matthew 25 network and the great work they do, you can check out cardboard’s Daily Kos diary currently on the Recommended list there.



The Neocons Do Georgia: Humanity's Greatest Enemy?

August 15, 2008


The success of the Bush Regime’s propaganda, lies, and deception with gullible and inattentive Americans since 9/11 has made it difficult for intelligent, aware people to be optimistic about the future of the United States. For almost 8 years the US media has served as Ministry of Propaganda for a war criminal regime. Americans incapable of thinking for themselves, reading between the lines, or accessing foreign media on the Internet have been brainwashed.

As the Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, said, it is easy to deceive a people. You just tell them they have been attacked and wave the flag.

It certainly worked with Americans.


Escalating harassment from Jewish settlers

Escalating harassment from settlers in Hebron

August 13th, 2008 | Posted in Reports, Hebron Region, Video

On 9th August 2008 15:48 At around 15:30 three donkeys which had been stolen by settlers in the morning were released by Palestinians under protection from Israeli police. This took place on land that has been occupied by settlers illegaly for 5 months. The land is owned by Palestinians and has grape, olive and almond treas on it that the Jabar family rely on for income. It has now become impossible for the family to enter this land.

On 9th August 2008 at 17:30 the Jabar family were attacked by settlers who threw stones at their house and tried to steal their sheep. When the army arrived at the place they pushed away the Palestinians who tried to prevent the settlers to steal their sheep. The settlers eventually stole 4 of the family’s sheep.

On 10th August at 17:30 8 settlers entered the H1 area of Hebron and began to pray. The Israeli army and border police entered and protected the settlers, at the same time they closed all the shops in Bab Al-Zawiya area around the checkpoint and the Beer Al-Saba Street. Later groups of settlers walked from Tel Rumeida checkpoint, through the Beer Al-Saba street, towards an old tomb to celebrate a Jewish holiday. The Palestinians didn’t get access to the street again until around 20:30 when the army and border police left and escorted away the last settlers.



Stop laughing at yourselves with your claims of ‘democracy’ in Iraq

By Fatih Abdulsalam

Azzaman, August 14, 2008

Both U.S. and Iraqi politicians have been laughing at each other and themselves for years with claims of democracy in Iraq.

For some it is the U.S. which is mocking Iraqis and the world at large for propagating such claims. For others Iraqi politicians are doing the mocking.

But one thing is clear. The U.S. is laughing at itself and the Iraqi government by speaking of democracy in Iraq. And Iraqi politicians are laughing at the U.S. and themselves when telling others that there is democracy in Iraq.


Georgian minister: Israel has sold us out

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 02:57 14/08/2008

By Anshel Pfeffer

TBILISI - Israel has joined in the West's betrayal of Georgia, the Georgian reintegration minister, Temur Yakobashvili, told Haaretz yesterday. As the official in charge of bringing Abkhazia and South Ossetia back into the fold, Yakobashvili oversaw negotiations with the Russians to end the fighting there. He warned the world that the situation would escalate into war, but the West ignored him. "They said the Georgians are exaggerating again," he charged.

A former Zionist leader who speaks fluent Hebrew, Yakobashvili credited Israeli defense companies with "enabling us to train our army and giving us the possibility to withstand the Russians," but termed the Israeli government's decision to stop arms exports to his country "a disgrace."

He said the West should have responded by "deploying NATO troops to defend Georgia's vital infrastructure," and that "Israel is betraying us, along with the European countries and the United States."


Five ways Internet tricksters could tamper with the 2008 elections

politics: Who's winning, who's losing, and why.

Hack the Vote

By Christopher Beam

Posted Friday, Aug. 15, 2008, at 1:53 PM ET
Hacker. Illustration by Natalie Matthews.

In the late 1800s, during the heyday of Tammany Hall, New Yorkers would often show up to vote with a full beard. "When you've voted them with their whiskers on, you take them to a barber and scrape off the chin fringe," explained Democratic boss Big Tim Sullivan. If the political machine needed still more votes, the voter would return with nothing but a mustache, and then once again clean-shaven. "That makes one of them good for four votes," according to Sullivan.

Technology has cleaned up elections since then. Voting machines ensure one person casts only one vote. Electronic databases let secretaries of state compare their rolls to avoid double registration. Hotlines tell voters where and when to show up on Election Day.

This year, campaigns are relying more than ever on e-mail, texting, and the Web to get their message out and raise cash. But high-speed communication also means more opportunities for electronic skullduggery. Just as new technology lets voters get good information faster than ever in 2008, mischief-makers can spread bad information quickly.




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