August 1st, 2008


GM posts $15.5 billion loss as sales plummet

GM posts $15.5 billion loss as sales sputter

31 minutes ago

By Kevin Krolicki and David Bailey

DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Corp posted a $15.5 billion quarterly loss on Friday, as North American sales dropped by 20 percent and plunging prices for SUVs prompted deep charges for its auto finance business.

GM shares tumbled 6 percent in reaction to the automaker's announcement of the deeper-than-expected loss, the third-largest quarterly loss in its history.

The No. 1 U.S. automaker also burned through $3.6 billion in cash in the quarter as it reduced inventory of slower-selling vehicles in its slumping home market.


U.S. scientist linked to anthrax attack 'kills himself'

A convenient outcome for the DoJ which tried for years with every tool at it's disposal to pin the crime on the  innocent Hatfill.


Was This Really The Anthrax Killer?
Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?
The real suspect

U.S. scientist in anthrax case kills himself: report

Fri Aug 1, 6:54 AM

By Alan Elsner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senior U.S. government scientist who helped investigate a series of deadly anthrax attacks in 2001 has died from an apparent suicide, just as the Justice Department was about to charge him with carrying out the attacks, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday.

The newspaper identified the man as Bruce Ivins, 62, and said he had worked for the last 18 years at government bio-defense research laboratories near Washington DC, at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

CNN interviewed a man who identified himself as Tom Ivins, brother of the deceased. He confirmed his brother had committed suicide and said he himself had been interviewed by the FBI 18 months ago in connection with the investigation.



Israeli Commandos arming and training American Jews

IOF Commandos arming and training American Jews

"All Jews in America must be armed and trained"

Trained for what?

To go about America, spraying lead and spreading death and destruction, like their homicidal cousins do on a consistent and regular basis in Occupied Palestine?

Abe Foxman of the ADL must be ecstatic about the news of Jewish Goon Squads with automatic weapons receiving paramilitary training from IOF commandos.

One could envision a scenario where these "Kosher Kommandos" hunted down and used WUFYS owners for target practice, all for the crime of thinking for themselves and asking questions that Zionist spinmasters, like Alan Dershowitz, have forbidden others to ask, about the never ending shakedown racket known as Holocaust™ reparations.

Don't laugh, that's not an absurd thought, when you consider these "Kosher Kommandos" genetic background coming from the misery and death they sowed on a scale of millions in Bolshevik Russia.

IDF vets train NY Jewish paramilitaries Jul 25, 2008


Google-Blogger Has A Problem With The Truth

Rock The Truth
Obviously, too many Americans fear the truth—even want ignorance, preferring the posture of ostriches over the alertness of meerkats. ... - 301k -
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Maybe I will have to be joining you sometime, Marc...

"Rock The Truth'"

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I applied for the unlock but we know how that is, I saw the warnings in the last few days, so this isn't really a surprise. I appreciate you picking me up from time to time.

Best... Rock the Truth.

Damage control

The old good cop, bad cop routine...

False-flag self-hating? There is a rather obvious attempt at damage control orchestrated by World Jewry and fronted by Zionist - not to mention, huge Iraq attack cheerleader - Joe Klein. The fear is that the Iraq/Iran war debacle, which is now directly impinging on the privileged lifestyle of the average American, will end up being blamed on the two-faced American Jewish community, and in particular on its Jewish Billionaire 'leaders'. It is thus time to throw Doug Feith and his fellow war criminal co-conspirators under the bus (". . . a small group of Jewish neoconservatives"), and save the larger group so it may continue to scheme for future war crimes. The idea is to put all the blame on a handful of neocons, making sure to emphasize that the real blame still lies with Gentiles Bush and Cheney, increase the credibility of the charge by having the usual suspects like Foxman throw the slur around, and thus limit the damage to a tiny group of 'dual loyalists'. This campaign is being led by lite Zionists with the help of the Israeli Zionist establishment, but is receiving support from the usual 'anti-war' crowd as well. Note the spin from Levy:
"Were the Jewish neocons in control and did they make the fatal decisions? No. Are all Jews neoconservatives or are all neoconservatives Jews? Please! Are the Jews or Israel to blame for the Bush Middle East debacle? Get outta here.

Something did happen though - there was a failure within the mainstream, Jewish and non-Jewish, to identify the existence of a particular Jewish neoconservative narrative and then to challenge that narrative as being fundamentally flawed in its reading of both American and Israeli interests."



Was This Really The Anthrax Killer?

U.S. scientist linked to anthrax attack 'kills himself'
The real suspect

Friday, August 1, 2008 The LA Times broke the story, headlined Apparent suicide in anthrax case. Here's that breaking story in full: By David Willman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, August 1, 2008

A top government scientist who helped the FBI analyze samples from the 2001 anthrax attacks has died in Maryland from an apparent suicide, just as the Justice Department was about to file criminal charges against him for the attacks, the Los Angeles Times has learned.


So was this man, Bruce E. Ivins, 62, really the man who mailed out the anthrax letters in 2001? Personally, based on my prior investigations, I was inclined to think that Ivin's fellow scientist Philip Zack was a more likely culprit. OTOH I never even heard the name Bruce Ivins mentioned on any website I visited, even though he worked in the same lab as Dr Zack.

It's interesting that Ed Lake, whose website has a lot of information, just updated his site two weeks ago with a post defending Zack from mounting online suspicion:


My Questions for Langevin About Iran

By: iStockAnalyst Thursday, July 31, 2008 2:54 PM

Apparently under orders from AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), Rhode Island's U.S. Representatives Patrick Kennedy and James Langevin co-sponsored HCR 362 -- a mysterious and dangerous resolution calling for a blockade of Iran (http://

Unable to understand the resolution, I called the office of Mr. Langevin -- a congressman who seems to represent AIPAC more than Rhode Island. The gentleman who answered knew little or nothing about it, but he promised to relay my questions to him. I sent him the following questions about HCR 362 in writing:

How did you learn of "Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons"?

Why is your source more reliable than the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) and the reports of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)?


Voting for Obama will piss off Wal-Mart. Now there's a good reason to vote Barack


Wal-Mart warning managers of labor bill

Friday August 1, 10:24 am ET NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc (NYSE:WMT - News) said on Friday it has held meetings with U.S. store managers warning them of issues that could arise if Democrats win power and pass a law that would make it easier for workers to unionize, but stressed it was not telling workers how to vote.

Wal-Mart opposes proposed legislation called the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for workers to unionize by signing a card rather than holding a vote.

"We believe EFCA is a bad bill and we have been on record as opposing it for some time," Wal-Mart spokesman David Tovar said. "We feel educating our associates about the bill is the right thing to do."

The Wall Street Journal reported that about a dozen employees who attended meetings in seven states said executives told them employees would be required to pay hefty union dues and get nothing in return, and warned that unionization could force Wal-Mart to cut jobs as labor costs rise.



Truth and Consequences Under the Israeli Occupation

The Nation.

  • <A HREF='' TARGET='_blank'> <IMG SRC='' WIDTH=728 HEIGHT=90 ALT='Click Here!' BORDER=0></A>

By Mohammed Omer

July 31, 2008

  • Mohammed Omer: A Palestinian journalist's life and work shed light on the violence in Israel's "dual" society.

This summer, at age 24, I was honored to learn that I had become the youngest journalist to receive the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, named for the famed American war reporter and awarded to journalists who counter propaganda with the truth. Although Israel has sealed Gaza's 1.5 million Palestinians in what many now call the world's largest open-air prison, Dutch MP Hans Van Baalen lobbied the Israeli government to let me leave Gaza to receive my award in person. Upon my return from London, I was surrounded by Israeli security officers. I was stripped naked at gunpoint, interrogated, kicked and beaten for more than four hours. At one point I fainted and then awakened to fingernails gouging at the flesh beneath my eyes. An officer crushed my neck beneath his boot and pressed my chest into the floor. Others took turns kicking and pinching me, laughing all the while. They dragged me by my feet, sweeping my head through my own vomit. I lost consciousness. I was told later that they transferred me to a hospital only when they thought I might die.

Today, I have difficulty breathing. I have abrasions and scratches on my chest and neck. My hands don't function well; typing is difficult. My doctor informed me that due to nerve damage from one kick, I may be unable to father children and will need to have an operation.




Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on Children

MEDIA PACKET - Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on Children - Documentation that torture-based, government-sponsored mind control (GMC) experimentation was conducted on children during the Cold War. Data from two international surveys that give voice, visibility, and validation to survivors of these crimes against humanity. SURVEYS - EAS: Extreme Abuse Survey for Adult Survivors (An International Online Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse) January 1 – March 30, 2007 with 1471 respondents from 31 named countries. P-EAS: Professional – Extreme Abuse Survey (An International Online Survey for Therapists, Counselors, Clergy, and Other Persons Who Have Worked Professionally with at Least One Adult Survivor of Extreme Abuse) April 1 – June 30 2007 with 451 respondents from 20 named countries. Contact: Wanda Karriker, PhD

Candidate who wants Olmert's job once 'sought deaths of 70 Palestinians a day'

By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem

Friday, 1 August 2008

A leading candidate to be Israel's next premier called for a death toll of 70 Palestinians a day when he was head of the military during the second intifada, according to a best-selling book by two Israeli journalists.

The account of a briefing given in May 2001 to senior West Bank army commanders reinforces the image of hawkishness enjoyed by Shaul Mofaz. He has emerged as the main rival to the Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, for the leadership of the Kadima party being vacated by Ehud Olmert. Mr Mofaz is expected to stress his security credentials as a former chief of staff and defence minister in his campaign to defeat Ms Livni, the most popular among the Israeli public of the candidates to succeed Mr Olmert as party leader.

According to the book Boomerang, by Ofer Shelah, of Yedhiot Ahronot, and Raviv Drucker, of Channel Ten, Mr Mofaz convened a meeting of brigade and regimental commanders covering the occupied West Bank at Jerusalem's Ammunition Hill. It occurred early in the premiership of Ariel Sharon when the intifada was well under way.


Twilight Zone / Night raid

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 19:09 31/07/2008

By Gideon Levy

His whole body is covered with scabs, bleeding and festering, with flies hovering around them. His face, his legs, his hands - all are covered with sores and cuts, but one is especially large. Two weeks ago 10-year-old Musa, who suffers along with his siblings from the same hereditary skin disease, was injured while fleeing for his life. On that Saturday, stick-wielding settlers raided his family's encampment, and Musa had trouble escaping because of the sores that consume his body. He tripped and suffered a large wound in his thigh, which he shows us. Fair-haired, dressed in faded rags, including a threadbare shirt bearing the words "Don't worry," Musa was already living in misery, ostracized at school like a leper. Now he's also scared to death, afraid that the settler-attackers will return.

Did the perpetrators of this attack from Asael - an illegal outpost of violent religious penitents - even take a look at their victims? Did they dare glance at Musa's sore-covered body before they brandished their clubs? Or at Bilal? Or at Hani? Or at least at little Majdi, just two years old and already covered with scabs? All these siblings have the same illness; all had difficulty trying to escape the hooligans, who ransacked their meager home and ruined their few possessions.

No doctor has diagnosed the mysterious skin disease that has attacked the children of the Abu Awad family; the family has no money for a doctor. The four sick children lie on the burning-hot ground in the southern Mount Hebron area, without a diagnosis, without treatment. The entire extended family of 19 is currently crowding into a single cramped tent. There are just three mattresses for all of them inside. The family has nothing else left. And when we say nothing, we mean just that: not a thing. Just an empty white tent with a few rotting figs scattered on the floor. The settlers either destroyed or took away everything else, from the old tent down to the last dishes, from their flock's feeding and water troughs to the bedding, to the radio, which they shattered. Everything was lost in the attack.


Afghanistan: Not a Good War

FPIF Column

Conn Hallinan | July 30, 2008

Editor: John Feffer

Foreign Policy In Focus

Every war has a story line. World War I was “the war to end all wars.” World War II was “the war to defeat fascism.”

Iraq was sold as a war to halt weapons of mass destruction; then to overthrow Saddam Hussein, then to build democracy. In the end it was a fabrication built on a falsehood and anchored in a fraud.

But Afghanistan is the “good war,” aimed at “those who attacked us,” in the words of columnist Frank Rich. It is “the war of necessity,” asserts the New York Times, to roll back the “power of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.”

Barack Obama is making the distinction between the “bad war” in Iraq and the “good war” in Afghanistan a centerpiece of his run for the presidency. He proposes ending the war in Iraq and redeploying U.S. military forces in order “to finish the job in Afghanistan.”

Virtually no one in the United States or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) calls for negotiating with the Taliban. Even the New York Times editorializes that those who want to talk “have deluded themselves.”

But the Taliban government did not attack the United States. Our old ally, Osama bin Laden, did. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are not the same organization (if one can really call al-Qaeda an “organization”), and no one seems to be listening to the Afghans.

We should be.


Ventura Will Appear At Ron Paul Convention

July 31, 2008 5:33 PM

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf Reports: We already knew the bearded Grover Norquist and the bedraggled former bowtie-wearing pundit Tucker Carlson would address Texas Congressman and libertarian Republican Ron Paul's shadow convention - aka The Rally for the Republic - in Minneapolis later this summer.

But those two men, anti-tax and libertarian though they may be, are, lets face it, nerds. And the other speakers, former Congressman and Arizona political scion Barry Goldwater Jr. and legal expert Bruce Fein aren't much better. In order to harness some of that youthful energy that marked his Presidential campaign, Paul needed some star power and it seems he's got it.

In video on his website today, Paul announced that former Minneapolis Governor and professional wrestler, erstwhile Mexico surfer dude and anti-establishment independent politics rock star Jesse Ventura, even though he has ruled out a bid to shake up the US Senate race in Minnesota and is in no way a Republican, will take part in the rally.


One Month After 9/11, McCain Said Anthrax 'May Have Come From Iraq'

Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?

One Month After 9/11, McCain Said Anthrax ‘May Have Come From Iraq,’ Warned Iraq Is ‘The Second Phase’

Today, the LA Times reports that the individual who may have been responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people and sickened 17 others apparently committed suicide. As Atrios recalls, shortly after 9/11, conservatives were pinning the blame for the anthrax attacks on Iraq, laying the groundwork for a subsequent invasion. John McCain was part of this fearmongering effort.

On October 18, 2001, McCain appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. When asked how the war in Afghanistan was progressing, McCain volunteered that the invasion of Iraq would be the “second phase” of the War on Terror. He preyed on the public’s fear at the time by claiming that the anthrax “may have come from Iraq”:

MCCAIN: I think we’re doing fine …. I think we’ll do fine. The second phase — if I could just make one, very quickly — the second phase is Iraq. There is some indication, and I don’t have the conclusions, but some of this anthrax may — and I emphasize may — have come from Iraq.



Vital unresolved anthrax questions

One Month After 9/11, McCain Said Anthrax 'May Have Come From Iraq'

Glenn Greenwald

Friday Aug. 1, 2008 05:36 EDT

Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News
(Updated below - Update II - Update III - Update IV)

The FBI's lead suspect in the September, 2001 anthrax attacks -- Bruce E. Ivins -- died Tuesday night, apparently by suicide, just as the Justice Department was about to charge him with responsibility for the attacks. For the last 18 years, Ivins was a top anthrax researcher at the U.S. Government's biological weapons research laboratories at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, where he was one of the most elite government anthrax scientists on the research team at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID).
The 2001 anthrax attacks remain one of the great mysteries of the post-9/11 era. After 9/11 itself, the anthrax attacks were probably the most consequential event of the Bush presidency. One could make a persuasive case that they were actually more consequential. The 9/11 attacks were obviously traumatic for the country, but in the absence of the anthrax attacks, 9/11 could easily have been perceived as a single, isolated event. It was really the anthrax letters -- with the first one sent on September 18, just one week after 9/11 -- that severely ratcheted up the fear levels and created the climate that would dominate in this country for the next several years after. It was anthrax -- sent directly into the heart of the country's elite political and media institutions, to then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vt), NBC News anchor Tom Brokow, and other leading media outlets -- that created the impression that social order itself was genuinely threatened by Islamic radicalism.
If the now-deceased Ivins really was the culprit behind the attacks, then that means that the anthrax came from a U.S. Government lab, sent by a top U.S. Army scientist at Ft. Detrick. Without resort to any speculation or inferences at all, it is hard to overstate the significance of that fact. From the beginning, there was a clear intent on the part of the anthrax attacker to create a link between the anthrax attacks and both Islamic radicals and the 9/11 attacks. This was the letter sent to Brokaw:


Why has the NY Times revised its anthrax story?

Vital unresolved anthrax questions

NYT Changes Anthrax Story…As I Was Reading It!

Posted by willyloman on August 1, 2008

by Scott Creighton

****UPDATE**** they have completely REPLACED the article they had, with one from the AP!!! The exact same article that Fox News has on there site!!! and the AP is still editing it, they just added a comment from Dana Perino.

After finally ridding my computer of the horrible XP Antivirus bug (don’t even roll your curser over those ads! If you got it, let me know, I can tell you how to fix it) I was having some coffee and reading the news.

All over the MSM sites was the anthrax story being finally solved (just after the main suspect was found not guilty, I might add. what a coincidence! And this new suspect ”killed himself” so there will be no investigation. Case closed! My story to follow this) and I was reading the New York Times article which had some interesting facts that the other MSM sources didn’t.

Guess what? That 2 page story, as I was reading it, when I went from page one to page two, refreshed page 1… because that is all that was there. THEY REPOSTED THE STORY WITHOUT THE ODDITIES THAT THE OTHER MSM DIDN’T HAVE!!!



How to Beat the Heat: Anti-Surveillance 101

Aug 1, 2008

The Ohm Project

Governments around the world, with the help of multinational corporations, are rapidly eliminating the zone of privacy to which we are all entitled as living, breathing human beings.

Once upon a time, there were jurists like William O. Douglas and legislators like Frank Church who stood as bulwarks against such intrusions in the United States, but authoritarians have largely captured the American federal courts and Democrats in Congress---'nuff said.

So who's going to protect your privacy in the face of this international threat?

You're going to have to do it for yourself.

If you get aggressive about protecting your privacy, it will do two things. First, you may actually be able to reclaim some of that umbra and penumbra that William O. said we were guaranteed by the Constitution. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it will make the government/corporate snoops' job much harder. If enough of us do a good job of protecting our Internet privacy, their current surveillance techniques aimed en masse at the public will collapse of their own weight.

And the result just might be more effective law enforcement.

Here's a few things you can do along with answers to the common objections:
  1. Use Open Source software.
Proprietary software, like MS products, can contain back doors that only the maker and the snoops know about. That won't work with open source. Use Firefox for a browser. It's easy to download and is a far superior product to IE. While you're at it, get Thunderbird to use as a mail client. It even has an easy-to-use encryption add-on called (cleverly) Enigma, which leads us to our second point.
  1. Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt.
Whenever we mention this, the naysayers show up with two objections:

a) "The CIA/FBI/NSA/Illuminati already have 'the key.'" That's ridiculous. There is no single "key." Instead, you create a fresh key for yourself. Open source software like OpenPGP even use your random mouse movements to create the key on the spot. You can even use a passphrase that further protects the key. The only thing that determines breakability is the type and level of encryption. You can read about the former here, and as far as the latter goes, they'll have smoke coming out of their supercomputers if they're going to try and break something at 256 bits or above.

b) "You'll just make yourself look guilty." I've spent some time in Eastern Europe. People in their 40s and older were used to never sealing their envelopes because they knew their mail was being opened. Many still don't seal them because they're concerned it will make them "look guilty." To hell with that attitude. It's my right to seal my envelopes and to use encryption. If it draws attention to the first wave of people that use it, well you have to start somewhere. If Rosa Parks had enough nerve to stand up to that bus driver and all the power that was behind him, I can surely exercise my right to encrypt my communications.
  1. Don't trust "the man."
Most corporations are anxious to cooperate with the governments that regulate (and financially rescue) them. Skype, owned by PayPal/eBay has a back door they been giving--maybe even selling--to governments around the world. This is in spite of the fact that they claim your encryptions are private and encrypted. McAfee's CEO was glad to offer a back door to the FBI's trojan, "Magic Lantern."
  1. Use VPN
VPN, Virtual Private Network, is how road warriors connect to the corporate LAN when they're traveling. The idea is to provide a secure, encrypted connection out in the very dangerous wild. The same technology can be used to do important things for privacy seekers:
a) change your IP address so that it cannot be traced--Chinese dissidents have been using it for this purpose as Jamie Fallows learned when he lived in China earlier in the year;

b) lock out your ISP from deep packet inspection--your ISP can know everything you're doing online right down to the keystrokes, but the encrypted tunnels of a true VPN lock them out.

When choosing a VPN, consider whether they have offshore servers and take a close look at how much information they collect on you.
  1. Put your confidential data on a server, encrypt it and access it from your computer that way.
  1. Disable as much as you can of the built-in snooping devices loaded into your computer and browsing software:

a) cookies--at least dump them when you leave a site;

b) Active X--it can do some very scary things;

c) Bluetooth--English cops have had a little experiment using Bluetooth to track whereabouts and social connections

Remember a few things about this surveillance effort:
  1. it's international--the same things happening in the U. S. are taking place in Europe, even places like Sweden;
  1. it's multi-faceted--financial data, social connections, travel, surfing, searching and purchase habits--they want to profile you to determine if you're a potential "threat;"
3)it can be effectively countered with the techniques listed above plus others.



Jury Fails To Reach Verdict In London Bombing Trial

3.30pm BST update

July 7 trial jury fails to reach verdict

* Haroon Siddique and Rachel Williams
* Friday August 1 2008

The jury in the case of three men accused of helping the July 7 London bombers was today dismissed after failing to reach a verdict in three weeks of deliberations.

Waheed Ali, 25, Sadeer Saleem, 28, and Mohammed Shakil, 32, were the first people to be tried in connection with the 2005 attacks on London's transport network that killed 52 people.

The three were today remanded in custody following the dismissal of the jury, which had retired to consider its verdict on July 14.


The Trolls Among Us

The New York Times

August 3, 2008
Magazine Preview


This article will appear in this Sunday's Times Magazine.

One afternoon in the spring of 2006, for reasons unknown to those who knew him, Mitchell Henderson, a seventh grader from Rochester, Minn., took a .22-caliber rifle down from a shelf in his parents’ bedroom closet and shot himself in the head. The next morning, Mitchell’s school assembled in the gym to begin mourning. His classmates created a virtual memorial on MySpace and garlanded it with remembrances. One wrote that Mitchell was “an hero to take that shot, to leave us all behind. God do we wish we could take it back. . . . ” Someone e-mailed a clipping of Mitchell’s newspaper obituary to, a Web site that links to the MySpace pages of the dead. From MyDeathSpace, Mitchell’s page came to the attention of an Internet message board known as /b/ and the “trolls,” as they have come to be called, who dwell there.

/b/ is the designated “random” board of, a group of message boards that draws more than 200 million page views a month. A post consists of an image and a few lines of text. Almost everyone posts as “anonymous.” In effect, this makes /b/ a panopticon in reverse — nobody can see anybody, and everybody can claim to speak from the center. The anonymous denizens of 4chan’s other boards — devoted to travel, fitness and several genres of pornography — refer to the /b/-dwellers as “/b/tards.”


Want Lower Gas Prices? Lift AIPAC's Sanctions on Iran

Robert Naiman

Posted August 1, 2008

Senator McCain, President Bush, and some of their oil industry friends are urging Americans to support overturning a 26-year ban on offshore drilling as a way to bring down gas prices. Of course, it's snake oil designed for what the Joe Lieberman campaign affectionately called "low information voters."

As Dean Baker and Nichole Szembrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research noted in a June 2008 paper ,

the Energy Information Agency (EIA) projects that Senator McCain's proposal would have no impact in the near-term since it will be close to a decade before the first oil can be extracted from the currently protected offshore areas. The EIA projects that production will reach 200,000 barrels a day (0.2 percent of projected world production) at peak production in close to twenty years. It describes this amount as too small to have any significant effect on oil prices


Group fighting against ‘quiet ethnic cleansing'

The Spanish government joins Israeli activists in an act of defiance against razing of homes that force families out of Jerusalem

Jonathan Cook

The National

1 August 2008

ANATA, JERUSALEM // In the first hours of dawn, Nader Elayan was woken by a call from a neighbour warning him to hurry to the house he had almost finished building. By the time he arrived, it was too late: a bulldozer was tearing down the walls. More than 100 Israeli security guards held back local residents.

The demolition, carried out four years ago, has left Mr Elayan, his wife, Fidaa, who is now pregnant, and their two young children with nowhere to live but a single room in his brother’s cramped home. It is the only land he owns and he had invested all his savings in building the now destroyed house.

Over the past few years, the Elayans’ fate has been shared by two dozen other families in the Palestinian village of Anata, on the outskirts of East Jerusalem. Hundreds more families have demolition orders hanging over their homes. “Not one person in my neighbourhood has a [building] permit,” Mr Elayan, 37, said.


'Israel In a Weak Parallel with Apartheid'

'Israel In a Weak Parallel with Apartheid'

Interview with Dennis Davis, High Court Judge in Cape Town

JERUSALEM, Jul 31 (IPS) - In Israel's control of Palestinian movement, Dennis Davis sees a "stark" parallel with the old, apartheid South Africa of which he was an outspoken critic. But Davis, a Justice of the High Court in Cape Town and a prominent member of the South African Jewish community, strongly rejects those who "run from that into an immediate conclusion" that Israel is an apartheid state.
Davis, who was also involved in drafting the constitution of post-apartheid South Africa, recently visited Israel and the Palestinian territories as part of a delegation of prominent South African civil rights activists. In its closing statement, the group said it had not come "to bring solutions, or to spend our time here debating solutions," but that it wanted "to learn, and to witness first-hand the suffering, pain, anger and human rights abuses."

The Israel-South Africa comparison is one that is increasingly used by Israel's critics and by those who question the very legitimacy of the Jewish state. It is a comparison that incenses Israelis and many Jews around the world. But it is also a comparison that some of Israel's leaders have invoked in an attempt to convince Israelis that ceding territory to the Palestinians is vital to the country's future survival.


Curious letter by dead anthrax scientist

Government Tries to Bury Anthrax Story
Anthrax Suspect Kills Self - How Conveeeeeeeenient...several things don't add up

Dead anthrax scientist had been committed to a psychiatric hospital last month
Why has the NY Times revised its anthrax story?

Ivins: Archived letters to the editor

Originally published August 01, 2008

Dr. Bruce Ivins wrote several letters to the editors in recent years. Below is a list of letters he wrote dating back to March 5, 1998.

— — —

End of 'dialogue'

Originally published August 24, 2006

Rabbi Morris Kosman is entirely correct in summarily rejecting the demands of the Frederick Imam for a "dialogue."

By blood and faith, Jews are God's chosen, and have no need for "dialogue" with any gentile. End of "dialogue."

— — —


Dead anthrax scientist had been committed to a psychiatric hospital last month

Curious letter by dead anthrax scientist
Frank Olson

Anthrax Suspect "Homicidal, Sociopathic"

Counselor sought restraining order against biodefense researcher

AUGUST 1--The government biodefense researcher who committed suicide as federal prosecutors reportedly prepared to indict him in connection with the 2001 anthrax attacks was committed to a Maryland psychiatric hospital last month after making death threats against a counselor, according to court records. Bruce Ivins, 62, who died Tuesday of a drug overdose, had been scheduled to appear yesterday in a Frederick County court in connection with a protective order application filed by Jean Duley, program director of Comprehensive Counseling Associates. In her July 24 petition, a copy of which you'll find below, Duley referred to Ivins as a "client" who "has a history dating to his graduate days of homicidal threats, actions, plans, threats & actions towards therapist." Duley added that Ivins's psychiatrist called him "homicidal, sociopathic with clear intentions," and that "FBI involved, currently under investigation & will be charged w/ 5 capital murders.


Kucinich seeks to bar U.S. oil firms from Iraq

Kucinich to Submit 100,000 Signatures for Impeachment

Kucinich: Prevent Oil Profiteering

Washington, Jul 31 -

In order to prevent U.S. oil companies from financially benefitting from the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) will introduce the Oil for Iraq Liberation Act today. The O.I.L. Act will prohibit U.S. based oil companies from developing and investing in the petroleum resources of Iraq.

“The invasion of Iraq was about oil, but it didn’t result in more oil or cheaper gas,” Said Kucinich. “It resulted in war profiteering by oil companies who benefitted by keeping Iraqi oil off the market.”

Kucinich added, “Iraq needs oil revenue now more than ever as they try to rebuild their country.”


House Dems turn out the lights but GOP keeps talking

Cops everwhere

August 01, 2008

Categories: Leadership

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats adjourned the House and turned off the lights and killed the microphones, but Republicans are still on the floor talking gas prices.

Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and other GOP leaders opposed the motion to adjourn the House, arguing that Pelosi's refusal to schedule a vote allowing offshore drilling is hurting the American economy. They have refused to leave the floor after the adjournment motion passed at 11:23 a.m. and are busy bashing Pelosi and her fellow Democrats for leaving town for the August recess.

At one point, the lights went off in the House and the microphones were turned off in the chamber, meaning Republicans were talking in the dark. But as Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz..) was speaking, the lights went back on, and the microphones were turned on shortly afterward.



Judge says "It's about time," to Rove Arresters

Des Moines Catholic Worker


Date: July 31, 2008
Release: Immediately

Mona Shaw,
Frank Cordaro,

Judge says "It's about time," to Rove Arresters

The four Iowans arrested last Friday for attempting to make a citizen's arrest of Karl Rove

Retired Methodist minister, Chet Guinn, 80, and Des Moines Catholic Workers, Ed Bloomer, 61, Mona Shaw 57, and Kirk Brown, 25, were arrested at a Des Moines country club where Rove was appearing at a Republican Fundraiser.


Judge removed from 'Jena Six' cases for questionable remarks

Judge removed from cases against 'Jena Six' teens

By MARY FOSTER, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 4 minutes ago

The judge overseeing the criminal cases for the remaining Jena Six defendants was removed against his will Friday for making questionable remarks about the teenagers.

Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr. had acknowledged calling the teens "trouble makers" and "a violent bunch" but insisted he could be impartial. Judge Thomas M. Yeager, who was asked by defense attorneys to review the case, found there was an appearance of impropriety and recused Mauffray.

"The right to a fair and impartial judge is of particular importance in the present cases," Yeager wrote.


Hamdan Trial Closed for Testimony of Two Defense Witnesses

By Jerry Markon and Julie Tate

Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, August 1, 2008; A13

GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba, July 31 -- The military trial of Osama bin Laden's former driver convened in a rare secret session Thursday to hear testimony from two defense witnesses that the government deemed highly classified.

Navy Capt. Keith J. Allred, the military judge, cleared the courtroom as the uniformed U.S. Army officers took the stand. Their entire testimony, other than their names and positions, was secret, though a redacted unclassified transcript is expected to be released later. The driver, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, and his attorneys were in the courtroom at the U.S. detention facility here.

The classified testimony adds a new layer of controversy to a military justice system that critics contend is essentially rigged to secure convictions. Hamdan is the defendant in the first U.S. military commission since World War II, and virtually all of the trial had been open until now. Prosecutors, who rested their case Thursday, say the commissions are a fair way to bring accused terrorists to justice.


Barr Blasts McCain, Obama for Supporting National ID, Again Urges Congress to Repeal Real ID Act

August 1, 2008 2:47 pm EST

Atlanta, GA -- “’September 11’ has become the catch-all excuse for virtually every proposed expansion of government power,” notes Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for president.  “One example is a national identification card and data base, long desired by some in government, and which was mandated by legislation passed by the Congress in 2005 with the support of both Senators McCain and Obama.  Although I was no longer in the Congress when this bad legislation was passed,  I had vigorously opposed it in the years since it became law, just as I led the successful effort to rescind a previous mandate for a national ID card.”

Unfortunately, he explains, “the Real ID Act establishes a new and privacy-invasive national ID card program.  By forcing states to standardize their driver’s licenses and creating a vast national data base of private information on the citizenry, the law establishes through the back door something Americans would never have accepted directly—a National Identification Card.”  In fact, “there was no open and honest vote on Real ID.  The mandate was slipped into a supplemental appropriations bill, discouraging any real debate over the issue.”

“Creating anything close to a national ID card threatens Americans’ basic civil liberties and privacy while doing little or nothing to make us more secure,” warns Barr.  The legislation also “means higher fees, longer lines, and greater inconvenience for Americans getting a driver’s license.  The burden on states, which have to redesign and remake state licenses and include all manner of information on citizens applying for new driver’s licenses, would be extremely high and immensely costly, since they would have to restructure computer databases, security systems, verification measures, and more.”



Anthrax Suspect Kills Self - How Conveeeeeeeenient...several things don't add up

Dead anthrax scientist had been committed to a psychiatric hospital last month
Government Tries to Bury Anthrax Story

Bruce Ivins, a bioweapons scientist at Ft. Detrick, Md. reportedly killed himself via overdose earlier this week. He was about to be indicted in connection with the 2001 anthrax attacks (remember those?). But there are pieces of this story that simply don’t add up at this moment…

Commentary By Richard Blair

Most of the time, I bypass stories that just don’t pass the smell test, even if they’re ultimately found to be correct. This one is just too strange to pass up.

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11/01, while America was still extremely jittery about terrorism on U.S. soil, people started dying from weaponized anthrax spores that were placed in the mail. By historic standards, 5 deaths and 17 sicknesses were not all that significant, but it was the fear of the unknown - combined with 9/11 itself - that sent the country into another panic, and gave the talking newsheads on TV fodder for ratings for a couple of months.

A long time passed before any suspect was identified, even though it was clear early on that the anthrax originated from within the U.S., rather than being imported from one of Saddam’s mobile WMD labs. As the investigation progressed, the FBI identified a scientist who worked at the bioweapons lab at Ft. Detrick, Md. as a “person of interest”. Turns out the guy ultimately had nothing to do with the attacks, but that didn’t stop the government from leaking info and essentially destroying the guy’s career. He recently settled with the government for nearly $6 million in compensation.


Fired by MnDOT, now at Homeland Security

Wednesday: Fired by MnDOT, now at Homeland Security


August 1, 2008

Sonia Pitt, the MnDOT emergency response executive fired for taking an unauthorized, state-paid trip to Washington during the Interstate 35W bridge disaster, is now working for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Pitt, 44, of Red Wing, confirmed Wednesday that she is working for Homeland Security's Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) at its headquarters in Arlington, Va. Her job title is "Transportation Security Specialist.'' Pitt declined to discuss her job responsibilities, her length of employment with the federal agency or her salary.

"All inquiries go through my attorney, same as always,'' Pitt said.


Citigroup to be charged by Cuomo, faces SEC probe

Fri Aug 1, 2008 4:14pm EDT

By Joseph A. Giannone and Jonathan Stempel

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo plans to imminently charge Citigroup Inc, accusing it of fraudulently marketing and selling auction-rate securities, and destroying documents that had been subpoenaed.

In a letter on Friday to the largest U.S. bank by assets, David Markowitz, chief of the state's investor protection bureau, accused Citigroup of having "repeatedly and persistently committed fraud" by falsely representing to customers that auction-rate debt was safe, liquid and the equivalent of cash.

He also charged that Citigroup destroyed audiotapes of phone calls on auction-rate debt that were subject to a April 14 subpoena. The New York-based bank learned in mid-June about the destruction, but failed to tell Cuomo's office until June 30, the letter said.


Billions in tax deposits uninsured

Take this story and mulitply it times every state in the union. Think all those pensions. This nightmare is about to explode.

Billions in tax deposits uninsured

State, local accounts secured, so loss unlikely

Thursday, July 31, 2008 3:22 AM

By Bill Bush


Your bank account is insured up to $100,000, but you still have a lot at stake in the event of a major failure: hundreds of billions of state and local tax dollars in accounts nationwide that are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Losses aren't likely, says a state official, but government treasurers are keeping a close eye on the funds.

Franklin County currently has $300 million of taxpayer money in banks; the city of Columbus easily has tens of millions; and local school districts hundreds of millions more, officials said.




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