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Are Progressive/Liberal Blogs Being Margalanized By Internet Security Software Vendors?

September 8th, 2008 · 5 Comments

A funny thing happened to me as I attempted to access my site to post an article; like any savvy Internet user, my virus and malware protection, as well as a software firewall compliments my home system. I don’t need down-time because of viruses and spyware, and there have been several instances where my home computer was hacked, as well as this site. Imagine my surprise when I attempted to access Justanothercoverup – and my security suite responded that Justanothercoverup was a dangerous site and wouldn’t allow me to access the site.

At first, I was only mildly perturbed, but after entering that it was a safe site, approved of by the site administrator, the program still would now allow me to access Justanothercoverup. The only way I could get to my own site was to disable the firewall feature completely – which is one of the reasons I chose this particular suite to protect my system.

If this was a new product I had just installed, I’d chalk it up to a setup error; however, it’s not, and has been operating in the background for approximately three months. This “change” occurred with their last update, and I question how a site which is hosted by a premier web hosting company which is prominently displayed on my site could be a “dangerous site.” If other customers are receiving this same message, will they take the additional steps necessary to enter a so-called “dangerous site?” How many other Liberal/Progressive sites have been determined to me “malicious” by our software vendors – and where are they receiving their information from?


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I Thought You Were Closed???

Two or three days ago, I removed the link from Justanothercoverup to here because I received a message the Blog was closed, also while I was running Trend Micro Security software. It could be just a coincidence, but it's odd to see the trackback here after I was informed this site had closed. I'll be replacing the link later today, but am confused how I could have received a message that essentially stated this Blog was closed - and the root domain would not be used again.

Go figure... Thanks for cross-posting the article, and now I'm even more concerned.

William Cormier/Justanothercoverup

Re: I Thought You Were Closed???

You're welcome.

We may have a larger story here.

A reader recently informed me all links to my site were blocked.

Google shut down by blogspot blog in April.

Since May, I've been here.

Are you saying you got these messages from Trend?

If so when was the last one received?



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