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US Jewish radio personality: Republican Jews have a monopoly on wisdom

'I love the smell of supremacy in the morning'

Dennis Prager
- Wikipedia

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Last update - 15:04 03/09/2008

By Natasha Mozgovaya, Haaretz Correspondent

Speaking at the "Salute to GOP Governors" sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition Tuesday in Minneapolis, Jewish radio talk show host Dennis Prager said that though "Republican Jews don't have a monopoly on nice people, we have a monopoly on wisdom - to discern the difference between good and evil, and how to fight it.

Expressing his support for the Republican ticket, Prager said "Auschwitz was not liberated by peace activists. Gandhi said to the Jews of Europe 'do not resist Hitler.' There's a difference between wisdom and feeling good about yourself. I dare say that the American military brought more goodness on earth than all political science professors put together."

Prager opened his address with a reference to the joke that there are so few Republican Jews that they could meet in a phone booth, saying that "it's no longer a joke. It'll be one of the great favors if people will stop saying that 'liberal' and Jewish are synonyms."


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Republican Jews have a monopoly on wisdom?

Give me a break! The only thing they have a monopoly on is the art of GENOCIDE, SEDITION, AND TERROR.

Anyone who says he/she is "Jewish" before saying he/she is American; is a traitor.

There is no wisdom or honest intentions where these "people" are concerned. They have the most racist theocracy in Nazi Israel that could ever be imagined.

Those that place the decadent policy and demands of Nazi Israel above the American citizen should have no right to sit on the board of any US corporation, nor should they be permitted to run for any political office because of their unAmerican ideology and activities. They should also be placed on the "terror watch list".

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