Baghdad: Back to reality

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm home again after a very pleasant and relaxing vacation with lots of fun, I'm back to the misery and daily struggles to provide what needs no efforts and considered normal and natural in the entire world. It was the best vacation I ever had, I wanted it to be a run-away vacation, I wanted to be isolated from everything; just relaxation…so I didn't watch the news, didn't open a single news website or a blog and I even didn't give my number there to anyone so that if anything bad happens I wouldn't know, I just wanted to run away and relax because I really need that to carry on fighting and I succeeded in that. I'm back again with full charge to face the ugly truth of life in Baghdad. This vacation was much different than the other vacations in some aspects which made it really great and it was the first time when I go outside Iraq and never miss it and never wanted to go back even emotionally because I went to a country where Iraqis are respected and treated exactly like the rest of the world, I went to a country that should be a model for all the world, when I was there I felt like I always wanted to feel, I lived like I always dreamed to live; I don't want to live like a king or anything, I just want to live freely and feel safe, I just want to walk in the streets holding my wife's hand with no worries in mind, I just want to get back home and the electricity is on and everything is working as I want, I just want to be treated like I deserve and I just want to do what I want when I want and of course this is not possible in Baghdad…Thank you god for your blessings that made it possible for me live a few weeks like I dreamed in the "real me" status.

As the plane landed in Baghdad's international airport and as I took the first step outside the plane, throw the first glance to the dark city with no electricity, felt the extra hot air and noticed the men with the AKs I turned into the "fighter" status that is really crucial to survive and continue living in Baghdad without having a mental disease or become a dead body. I returned home to figure out that there is a fuel crisis since two weeks, no electricity for the past 3 days (as my neighbor told me).

Tags: baghdad, iraq war
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