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"White Powder" Scare at McCain's Denver Headquarters
Alright, that's it. From now on, Dick Cheney doesn't get to use U.S. mail services.

All Clear On Powder Threat

McCain Office Mailed Threat, White Powde

Aug. 21, 2008(CBS/ AP) A threatening letter containing an unidentified white powder was received at John McCain's campaign offices in Denver, Colorado, CBS News has learned.

A second letter sent to a McCain campaign office in New Hampshire initially was reported to contain a white substance. Authorities said that was a false alarm and there was no powder in that envelope.

At least 19 people were examined at hospitals or were quarantined outside the Colorado office while authorities tried to determine whether the powder was hazardous.


Envelope with White Powder Sent to John McCain's Denver Office

Breaking News Story - Envelope Contained Threatening Note

By Carly Hart, published Aug 21, 2008


What the white powder envelope means to the John McCain campaign

If the white powder envelope addressed to John McCain does end up being a case of biological terrorism, this could be a huge boon to McCain's campaign for the Presidency
, provided he handles it with the grace and stoicism. Most will remember the huge popularity boost that Rudy Giuliani experienced in the aftermath of the horrific attack on the World Trade Center. This white powdered envelope could be a make or break moment for John McCain. Regardless of whether it turns out to be a real terrorist attempt or a prank, how John McCain handles this event will give the country a glimpse into his leadership skills should Americans elect him. If he mishandles the white powder envelope event poorly, it could tank his chances at winning office.


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:-) Your comment made me laugh!

I'm so far behind in news, including yours. I'll lift your stuff soon!

Oh, don't hassle yourself too much. You are doing great as it is, and the old BG has been really irritating lately. At the moment, I more buggered by the global warming bulloney than anything else because it goes against my senses (when they lie about weather, well). What I mean to say is my on the ground weather report is a record-setting snow and cold winter 'round here, followed by a COOLer than average summer, and they act like we forgot! Posting mostly blog works on livejournal. I definitely lift from you, one of top sources for REAL news.

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