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US guided missile destroyer on way to Georgia
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U.S. to send third ship to Black Sea
NATO ships enter Black Sea for 'exercises'

Russian Troops Reinstall Checkpoints in Gori

U.S. Navy Ships Head to Georgia

Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 21 Aug.'08 / 15:43

USS McFaul (DDG 74). Photo: U.S. Department of Defense

Two U.S. Navy ships, including a guided missile destroyer USS McFaul, and a U.S. Coast Guard cutter are getting underway to transport humanitarian assistance supplies to Georgia, U.S. European Command (EUCOM) said on August 21.

It said USS McFaul (DDG 74) departed from Souda Bay, Crete, on Wednesday and the cutter Dallas (WHEC 716) will depart later this week.

McFaul and Dallas are scheduled to transit into the Black Sea and arrive in Georgia within a week, according to the U.S. European Command.


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US destroyer to Georgia

Why not send a cargo ship? Gonna leave the missles behind to make room for "humanitarian" supplies?

Coast Guard Cutter?

According to this:
The "Dallas" will actually be a Submarine, and this would make more sense than a US Coast Guard ship 7,000km away from the US coastline.

But it does not change the fact that sending Guided Missile Destroyers the US is not delivering aid, it is playing "Gun boat diplomacy" games.

Your article -- DUH!

Humanitarian assistance, my aching ass. This is a way for the neocons to try to smuggle thousands of military personnel and weapons into Georgia. If I were Russia, I'd tell Bush and his house n***er, "Leave it at the border, and we'll decide what to do with it. You aren't setting foot in here."

Bush sends Guided Missile Destroyer to Georgia

What an incredibly stupid idea.

Georgia on my mind

Oh Georgia, Georgia... the whole night though. Remember that song? This little squable is serious as it concerns oil. The Russians have it, we don't. They play chess, our "leaders" play checkers. Who do you think will win? Bets anyone?

DDG to bring humanitarian supplies??

If I were the Russians I would be looking for some kind of provocation from the US Navy. Why send a DDG and not a cargo vessel? Bush just wants to get into a shoot out with the Russians. Oh, Georgie boy, you are going to get your ass whacked like your puppet Saakashvili did! I hope you are ready for a god wax job.

thats interesting


Didn´t Turkey say "NO" about the passage to the black sea?

"Two U.S. Navy ships, including a guided missile destroyer USS McFaul, and a U.S. Coast Guard cutter are getting underway to transport humanitarian assistance supplies to Georgia..."

What are they talking about? There's hardly enough space in those things for sailors to bunk down talk less of 'humanitarian supplies'. I think America needs to get real to the situation on the ground and stop deceiving itself. If it wants a war with Russia, which I think it does not and can't afford, it better get wise to the idea that Russia WILL give it a war for the simple reason that they have nothing to lose and America has everything to flush down the drain.

America is becoming such a huge joke and this recent claim about 'humanitarian supplies' coming aboard a guided missile destroyer is hilarious. Get a life America!

This would be like -

(Fictional News Network)

Russia's Government announced today they will send aid to the storm hit US state of Florida following the devastation of Tropical Storm Fay.

The Heavy Guided Missile Cruisers "Petr Velikiy" and "Admiral Ushakov" along with the Heavy Nuclear Missile Submarine "Dmitry Donskoi" have already left Murmansk and are en route to the US.

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