Minister Opens Fire on Iraqi Students

Iraqi League, By Ahmed Aljubouri :: 2008-07-23 :: ................. file

Minister Opens Fire on Iraqi Students

On the 27th of June 2008, the Education minister “ Khudayer al-Khuza'i”of Iraq was touring one of the final examination centers on the campus of the college of Education situated in the “Seba' Abkar” district of Adhamiya city. As the minister entered the center, the students began complaining about the center's very bad conditions: there was no power to run the fans, the temperature was 130 degrees, and there was no water to drink. The students also mentioned to the minster many other problems they were facing which made it very hard for them to take their final exams. Hearing the complaints of the frustrated students, the education minister took out his gun and started shooting real bullets at the students. Simultaneously his body guards started shooting randomly at the students. Scores of innocent Iraqi students were killed and injured in this horrible incident.

Brothers and sisters in humanity all over the world, I ask you in the name of whatever you worship or believe in, have you ever heard of something like that ever happening anytime in history? Have you ever heard of an education minister shooting real bullets at unarmed students? I suppose things like that could happen only in the disastrous era of Mr. Bush's externally imposed “democracy” in Iraq. What Mr. Bush imposed on Iraq was a bunch of criminals and ex-cons, and one of them is this so-called Education Minister Khudayer al-Khuza'i. Now let me spotlight a little bit of his background to let you, dear readers, know something about the so-called Iraqi government which is empowered and heavily supported by Mr. Bush.

His full name is “Khudayer Moses Jaafer al-Khuza'i”. His original citizenship was Iranian, and the second one is Canadian. His family there receives welfare payments. In addition to that he has Iraqi citizenship. He is a big member in the al-Da'wa party al- Anzi division militias. He claimed to have a PhD in the Quranic sciences from Qum University in Iran. But when the head of the Iraq's Foreign Study Department, Dr. Khairo, proved that he had no such degree and in fact Minister al-Khuza'i no degree from any country, Dr. Khairo was kidnapped and killed. It was demonstrated later on that this minister didn't even have a primary school certificate having failed the fifth grade of primary school. One of the Iraqis who had lived in the same building with him in London said to me “I was so astonished when I read that he claimed to have a PhD. I knew for sure that he had failed the fifth grade of primary school. I knew that he used to make a living before the invasion by working as a “Rozkhon”. A Rozkhon is one who recites sad stories at a funeral to make the funeral attendees cry. The attendees usually tip the Rozkhon with small amounts of money, a quarter or a half a dollar. The word Rozkhon itself is an Iranian word not Iraq

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