Pelosi challenger Cindy Sheehan had 43.5 percent of her signatures challenged. If you're in CA's 8th district, she needs your signature by Friday!

Dear Everyone, - - S.O.S. from CINDY SHEEHAN!

After camping with my family in a redwood grove for two days, I have just tonight returned and found an incredibly disturbing email from Cindy Sheehan <>. Cindy and her team submitted two thousand more signatures than needed in order for her name to be listed on the ballot in her November run against Nancy Pelosi. But now the San Francisco Department of Elections has "challenged" an almost unbelievable percentage of those signatures -- 43.5 percent! -- and is demanding that Sheehan collect another 2,116 valid signatures before 5 pm Friday in order to qualify for the ballot. It's a very fishy development, especially coming so late in the game, and it yet again raises all sorts of questions about the integrity of our elections, but that's a discussion for another time (see below*)... Nonetheless, Cindy believes that she can still get the needed valid signatures in time, but she really, really needs our help. What can we do?

1 -- Go to Cindy's website <> and follow the instructions for making sure that you and your friends and neighbors have signed her petition <>. OR If you are a registered San Francisco voter, please make a special trip to Cindy's office <> at 1260 Mission St (between 8th and 9th Streets) as soon as possible and sign her petition -- if you have not already done so. (Cindy's office is just four and a half blocks from the site of Wednesday's WorldCantWait "freeze < >" action described below.) Also, please take a petition <> and collect the signatures of your friends and neighbors who are registered to vote in San Francisco and return it promptly to Cindy's office <>.
2 - Wednesday, Aug 6, Hiroshima Day, has been designated as a "money-bomb" day for Cindy <>. The campaign particularly needs money now to hire professional signature gatherers, and, once this hurdle is passed, to help get Cindy's message <> out. To donate <> -- and please do -- please go here <>.
  • (I've been a fan of San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom ever since he began his political career by wading into the jungle of the San Francisco taxicab industry, but tonight this sentence from a 2003 San Francisco Chronicle profile of Newsom <> haunts me and makes my head start to wobble back and forth: "His aunt was married to the brother-in-law of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, the House minority leader" (and now, of course, the Speaker of the House and Cindy's opponent in November). - - - FREEZE ACTION -- 5 pm, Market and Powell, SF, Today!
I also returned home to an email from World Cant Wait, saying that they've received emails from a number of people for whom the 5pm start time of today's "Freeze" action <> is just a bit too early (they're coming from work). So World Can't Wait is planning a second, slightly later, Freeze that should accommodate late comers. The upshot: Come as close to 5 pm as you can, and you should still get in on the "frozen" action. Details here. <>
And regarding the "after" action that I mentioned in my last email -- I simply need about a dozen or more people (all are invited) to help me figure out camera angles and logistics and to try to envision any possible glitches for an action I intend to take place during the next week-to-month or so. If you're coming to the Freeze, please look for me -- I'll be passing out a flyer with details. I could use about ten-maybe-fifteen minutes of your time immediately following the Freeze. Any questions, please call me or email -- I'll do my best to get back to you. - - All the very best,
Brad Newsham 415-305-8294
Tags: congress, elections 2008, pelosi, sheehan
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