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08:15 am: Voters are "Sheep-like", "Conditioned", "Controllable"
08:20 am: Hundreds of banks will fail, says Roubini
08:23 am: Fmr FBI Official: White House Told FBI To Blame Anthrax Attacks On Al Qaeda
08:26 am: Why did the FBI use a hard-core drunk, drug user and spouse abuser to frame Ivins?
08:28 am: Bush ordered fake letter linking Iraq to 9/11
08:31 am: FBI tormented mentally ill daughter of dead anthrax scientist
08:35 am: McCain a key player in the anthrax-Iraq link lie
08:37 am: "Whole Load Of Crap"-Larisa Alexandrovna Has Low Down On "Therapist" To The Anthrax Suspect
08:42 am: The New Yorker: McCain has opted out of truth
08:45 am: What You Should Know about The Associated Press
08:52 am: Ivins is the Third Scientist the FBI has Tried to Pin the Anthrax Attacks On
08:55 am: Surrender to the Printing Presses
08:59 am: Mullen warns against USS Liberty redux
09:03 am: The 'scoop' the US papers ignored
09:05 am: Karadzic 'lived under protection of CIA agents until he broke deal'
09:06 am: West Point Terrorism Expert: Turkish involvement in Terror is 'best kept story'
09:10 am: Mars secret is not life. It's energy
09:15 am: Woman shot by cops was complying say experts
09:37 am: WSJ: Bruce Ivins Wasn't the Anthrax Culprit
09:38 am: YouTube Ditching High Profile Users In Fear of Copyright Enforcers: Has Viacom Made Google Scared?
09:48 am: Recruiters Caught on Tape Threatening High School Students
09:56 am: Italy takes another goose-step towards fascism
09:58 am: US accused of backing terrorism in Pakistan
10:20 am: Novak retires
10:22 am: 'Obama will name Bayh his VP choice on Wednesday'
10:25 am: Our Living Dead
10:34 am: Freddie Mac Chief Ignored Warnings
10:44 am: The Pfc. LaVena Johnson Petition: Calling on the House Oversight Committee to investigate her death
10:46 am: McCain security ousts black reporter
10:49 am: House GOP Enters Second Day Of Sit-In
10:51 am: McCain volunteers his wife for a topless beauty pageant
10:53 am: 20,000 protest Bush arrival in Seoul
10:58 am: Pentagon Studied Ancient Empires For Tips On Ruling The World
11:02 am: Apartheid in Practice
11:05 am: The rise and fall of stupidity in America
11:07 am: Gaza Under Siege
11:15 am:
11:16 am: 'Bush committed an impeachable offense'
11:22 am: Vaccine Cover-Up Worst In Military History
11:25 am: The Zionist Madrasa: Rabbis who bring shame to Judaism
11:29 am: The Peace Candidate
11:34 am: A War of Self-Destruction
11:36 am: 'Shin Bet Decides Who'll Die in Gaza'
11:39 am: The Insolvency of the FSLIC: a warning from the S&L crisis?
11:47 am: Fmr Terror Czar Warns Of Internet-9/11; A Secret Internet-Patriot Act Already Exists Says Prof
11:58 am: Black Reporter Tells Olbermann About Being Booted From McCain Event
12:02 pm: Bush Praises Indicted Senator
12:08 pm: Rulings May Stymie White-Collar Prosecutions
12:14 pm: We Don’t Need a War on Terrorism
12:17 pm: The man who put Charles Manson on Death Row would do the same to George W. Bush
12:19 pm: The Caucasian conflict in the context of world politics
12:22 pm: 'Stand up for what's right about America'
12:28 pm: Karl Rove Caught Lying About Iraq War
12:29 pm: 'They’ll all get lawyers': Cheney’s excuse for not releasing innocent detainees
12:50 pm: Obama links energy troubles to Cheney
12:53 pm: Fannie bail out was for China
12:57 pm: George Tenet And White House Admit Iraq's Intelligence Chief Told Them Iraq Had No WMD
12:58 pm: DEA may be using mercenaries
01:03 pm: US housing bill will not save the economy
01:04 pm: Purported 'Anthrax killer' was a Democrat
01:06 pm: Critical of McCain, Obama quiet on own energy vote
01:11 pm: France took part in genocide says Rwanda
01:13 pm: Economic Free Fall?
01:19 pm: Obama and McCain as neo-neocons
01:20 pm: US revokes visas to Palestinian Fulbright scholars
01:22 pm: With DNC in mind, city bans carrying urine, feces - 1 comment
01:27 pm: Chinese police beat, detain 2 Japanese reporters
01:29 pm: Major UK city controls internet access
01:36 pm: Suskind’s research assistant of White House ordered forgery detained by feds and interrogated
01:43 pm: Olbermann covers the Anthrax anomalies
01:50 pm: Corporate Media Ignores White House Planning of "False Flag" Operations to Trigger War with Iran
01:59 pm: Protesters Arrested for Blocking Military Equipment for Iraq
02:08 pm: Bush Jokes About WMDs, Pelosi Laughs Along
02:11 pm: How Obama’s Campaign is Trying to Deaden Opposition to An Attack On Iran
02:15 pm: Ohio cop acquitted of killing mom holding baby during botched drug raid
02:19 pm: Suskind Book Excerpt: Secret Iraq mission
02:26 pm: London Censors Political Websites
02:27 pm: Dear world, please confront America
02:31 pm: Why Misgovernment Was No Accident in George W. Bush's Washington
02:34 pm: Impeach Obama Campaign Already Underway
02:38 pm: NYPD brutality towards cyclists is common
02:39 pm: None Dare Call it Murder
02:54 pm: The FBI's emerging, leaking case against Ivins
02:55 pm: Gitmo detainees subject to detention even if acquitted: Pentagon
03:02 pm: What the Iraq Forgery Says About 9/11
03:10 pm: Brazilian Supreme Court Warns Country On Brink Of Civil War
03:11 pm: Britain admits veterans exposed to radiation
03:14 pm: CIA Agent Allegedly Involved In Forged Iraq Letter Ran Previous Operation To Create Pretext For War
03:19 pm: Now We Know: The Anthrax Attacks Were an Inside Job
03:23 pm: Time: 'The FBI itself sent the anthrax letters to Ivins and his colleagues at the biodefense lab'
03:27 pm: It was FBI agents who told Jean Duley to seek a protective order against Ivins
03:42 pm: The Jewish settler pogrom against Palestinians must be stopped now
03:43 pm: Israeli Disgrace and Thievery
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