Israeli Disgrace and Thievery

Written by Michael Warschawski, Alternative Information Center (AIC)

Monday, 04 August 2008

Judge Dorner and the recommendations of her commission of inquiry concerning Israel's treatment of Holocaust survivors are being ignored by the Israeli government.
Yet again Judge Dorner, chairperson of the governmental investigative commission in the matter of assistance to Holocaust survivors, and the Israeli Prime Minister are located on two sides of the ethical divide. While the Dorner Commission concluded that the allocations given to the survivors must be linked to 75% of the allowance paid by Germany to Israel for each survivor, and that this recommendation should be implemented immediately, the Prime Minister is trying, yet again, to buy time. The disagreement over time is much more important than that over the amount, as time acts to the detriment of the survivors, almost all of whom have reached an advanced age.

Each day that passes decreases the financial debt of Israel to the Holocaust survivors. The government’s decision to postpone discussion of these recommendations to 2009 means delaying implementation by one year, which means disinheriting thousands more survivors from what they deserve, and already today not so many survivors remain. This is not only daylight robbery, but also crass desecration of the memory of the Holocaust and its victims. The State of Israel exists thanks to the Holocaust of European Jewry, and in two ways: firstly, without the destruction of European Jewry and the existence of hundreds of thousands of survivors-refugees whom no state wanted, it is doubtful whether the international community would have given its support to the establishment of Israel, at a time when the world was beginning a process of decolonialisation. Secondly, a majority of the payments were given by Germany to Israel and not to the survivors and families of the victims. Under pressure of the international Jewish committee and the Zionist Histadrut, Germany decided to compensate the Jews collectively, through the State of Israel which presented itself, with absolutely no justification, as the representative body of world Jewry throughout the ages! The initial infrastructure of Israel was built thanks to the hundreds of millions of dollars paid by West Germany in compensation for the Holocaust of European Jewry.

It must be noted that in transforming Israel into the representative of the destroyed communities in Europe there is much bad taste, to say the least. As is known, the Zionist leadership did not overextend itself to attempt and save European Jewry, neither prior to nor during the war, even if it is correct to note that its abilities were limited. Even on the level of empathy toward the victims and survivors, Israel does not receive a good mark – again also to say the least. “The Seventh Million” of Tom Segev brings endless testimonies which document the lack of sensitivity of the Zionist leadership toward the victims of the Holocaust.

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