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Nvy ship to Georgia

If humanitarian is our goal, why not drop by GAZA?

Re: Nvy ship to Georgia

Good one.

How many ships do we need to send in to drop off blankets?

Georgia is not that large an area. Just how many ships are required for blankets?

This sounds strange to me.

Civilian Vessels Carry More Aid

The US sending war ships to implement "humanitarian aid" is a lie since cargo vessels would carry more aid. It's just more of the same criminal elements in the US government sending in goons for oil companies. They want that pipeline and will kill Ossetians and anyone else that stands in their way.

A criminal empire is always concerned about show

A criminal empire is always concerned about show because it's criminality and threat of criminality is what holds the empire together.

If people can prick the empire without pain the empire hot air of threats would dissipate.

Empire will try to stare down Russia. But Russians have the Empire and NATO by the balls since ther supplies to Afghanistan goes thru Russia and the CIS. Russia would like nothing better than the empire and NATO stay busy with fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. With their supply line under Russian control. In fact Russia has openly said that Russians will still be providing supplies to NATO. And requests that US/UK/Fr/Germany stay in Afghanistan.

Surely they can't have run out of the thousands of diapers & Always Ultra which the McFaul brought in? Oh, and it brought about a thousand bottles of water too - all carefully stowed on a boiling hot deck, next to the missile launch deck.

Humanitarian aid?

It truly sickens me that the U.S. goes to such extreme efforts with planes, ships etc. to aid other countries in distress, when back home, Katrina survivors are treated like animals or worse.

Where were all these ships and planes when Katrina and other hurricanes hit?

Excuse me, but I must puke my head off now...

maybe to help scare and contain russia during the upcoming attack on iran?

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